What are the Ways to Increase Your VPN Speed?

VPN encrypts your internet traffic and keeps you safe online. It also helps to hide your IP address when you are using the internet. Webroot team provides VPN which has strong features and complete protection for your device and you can install this through www.webroot.com/safe. In this blog, you will read the ways to increase your VPN speed.

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Ways to Speed up your VPN:

1. Try Different Server:

Generally, VPN encrypts your internet traffic just by routing it through a special server. And many VPN companies have their own servers which are set up all across the world, and give you two advantages to choose the location and speed.

 When you set up your VPN, then you should pick a server which is nearby. Generally, popular servers get overloaded and become slow because lots of people connect to them at a time, so in this situation you should pick the one which is little bit farther away. You can switch to servers more than once till you find the one which works best for you. Here, your VPN will give you the option to auto-select a server for you, and then you should choose an optimal server location and connect to a VPN which is close to you just for faster speeds. www.webroot.com/safe

2. Change Your Protocol Settings:

VPN protocols are basically the VPN servers which is use to establish a connection and also to encrypt your data. There are lots of protocols out there; every protocol has its own strengths and weaknesses. You can use the protocol of your choice. If in case, your current protocol is not giving you the best performance then you should switch to another one. Normally, OpenVPN is considered to be the best for speed and stability and it does not compromise on security. You should choose the OpenVPN protocol if in case, it is available on your VPN app.  WireGuard is not widely available yet, and PPTP is the fastest of all protocols, but it has outdated and insecure encryption method. You can use PPTP only if you do not want complete security while you surf.

3. Switch to Faster VPN Provider:

If in case, your current VPN provider is not giving you the fastest speed because they are not utilizing the sufficient server load-balancing techniques, or their network connections aren’t up to the mark. In this situation, you should shop around and look for a VPN which gives you proper security, speed, and meet your financial requirements. Here, it is suggested that you can choose a trustworthy VPN provider like Webroot Wi-Fi security and VPN.

4. Check your internet speed:

Before you leave your current provider, you must check the internet speed. Because sometimes a good VPN is runs slowly on a slow internet connection. Hence, you must analyze your internet is performing well.

5. Use a Wired Ethernet Connection:

Sometimes, Wi-Fi’s does not runs faster according to a dedicated Ethernet connection. In wireless connection, there is room for signal interference which sometimes interrupts your connection. But Ethernet connection provides you the direct pathway to the internet. Nowadays, newer laptops don’t have Ethernet ports anymore, but you can use adaptors which will allow newer devices to accept an Ethernet cable. It is advised you should try a wired connection and then check the speed of your VPN.

The above are some of the ways which increase your VPN speed. If you need to know more about Webroot VPN, then just go to the site via webroot.com/safe.

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