Complete Information About Webroot SecureAnywhere:

Webroot antivirus is the reliable and powerful security software which provides complete cyber security to the consumers and businessmen. It detects the internet threat immediately and blocks it. This antivirus is light in weight and gives user friendly interface. It provides cloud storage facility to its customer so that they can keep the backup of their valuable data. It regularly gives updates so that your internet connected gadget is secured from all kinds emerging threat. This software runs in all kind of gadget like Window OS, Laptop, Computer, Mac, Smartphone and Android Phones. It timely scans the data and devices so that malware and virus does not infect your gadget. It quickly blocks the malicious websites and attachments in order to secure your devices from harmful infections. With Identity Theft Protection, it secures your sensitive information from hackers. To protect your devices from Public Wi-Fi, the user can use Webroot VPN as this hides the IP Address of the user. In short, Webroot Antivirus is compatible with all platforms.

How To Create Webroot SecureAnywhere Account?

  1. To create a Webroot account, you should go to your favorite web browser such as Mozilla FireFox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, or Google Chrome.
  2. Now, type in the given space.
  3. After this, you should tap on My Account option and this will take you to the Webroot login page.
  4. Then, you have to tap on Create Account option.
  5. Here, you should fill the registration information and then tap on Register Now option.
  6. At this point, you need to select your Region and then hit on Register Now button.
  7. Now, you will receive the confirmation email on your registered Email ID which is associated with your Webroot account.
  8. Then, you have to click on the link which is given in your Email ID.
  9. Lastly, you should enter all the details of your account and then hit on Confirm Registration Now.

Features of Webroot SecureAnywhere:

  1. Scanning: With Webroot Antivirus, you can perform a quick, deep and custom scan in your device. Scanning helps to protect your device from harmful infections such as rootkits, Trojans, and other unwanted malicious applications.
  2. Identity Shield: Webroot antivirus secures your personal information and financial data like bank details and credit card information. It also identifies and blocks the keyloggers who tries to hack your network and also monitors the keystrokes.
  3. Password Manager: Through Password Manager, the user can store all their username and password in one place. It helps to automatically fill your credentials in different accounts. With this, the user can easily create strong and unique passwords.
  4. On-Offline Protection: It secures your computer system from harmful infections and attacks. And it provide protection if you are away from your device or offline.
  5. Cloud Storage: Webroot antivirus is cloud based, so the users can access their data anywhere anytime. It also improves the performance of your gadget as maximum data is not stored in the device or in your computer.
  6. Webroot Wi-Fi Security and VPN: Webroot Wi-Fi Security helps to create a secure layer of protection against internet threat. And with VPN, the user can hide their online activity from hackers. It helps to protect upto 5 devices.

How to Download, Install and Activate Webroot SecureAnywhere?

Webroot antivirus can be download through both offline and online way. If you want to purchase the product offline, then you can go to retail store and purchase it. You can also download the product by going to the official website online via

Download Procedure:

  1. First, you should launch any web browser and then navigate to
  2. After this, you need to enter an email address along with the keycode.
  3. Now, you should click on Next option.
  4. If you are already a Webroot SecureAnywhere user, then you should log in with your credentials.
  5. But if you do not have an account, then you should create an account via signing up.
  6. Here, you should select the Webroot product according to your requirements.
  7. At this point, you should select a subscription package which you find suitable.
  8. At last, you should download the setup file on the site and it is located in the Downloads folder.

Installation Procedure:

  1. When the setup file is downloaded, then you should locate it on the PC.
  2. It most probably placed in the Downloads folder.
  3. After this, you need to double-tap on the wsainstall.exe file.
  4. If it asked, then you should provide the unique keycode.
  5. At this point, you should follow the instructions and then install the software quickly.
  6. Lastly, click on Finish when you are done.

Activation Procedure:

  1. For this, you need to open the application and then visit My Account.
  2. Now under the Account window, you should look at the right side of the screen.
  3. Here, you need to enter the unique keycode in the provided filed.
  4. At last, click on Activate.

If the customer wants any help in installing Webroot SecureAnywhere, then go to

How to Check My Webroot Subscription ?

  1. First, you have to open your browser and then you have to enter .
  2. Now, in the Log in panel, you have to enter your email address and password, and then click on the Log in button.
  3. After this, confirm your logon and enter the characters of your Security Code and then you have to click on Log in.
  4. Here your email address is listed on the top right hand side of the screen.
  5. From the drop down menu, you have to click on Manage Keycodes.
  6. Now, your keycode is displayed, and from this page you can Upgrade/Renew your subscription, Add Product Keycode, and also buy a Keycode to purchase an additional subscription.

How to Find Webroot SecureAnywhere Keycode?

To Find Keycode within Webroot for Windows PC:

  1. First, you have to click on the Webroot icon in the menu bar, and then you have to select Webroot from the drop-down menu.
  2. Now, from the main window, you have to click on My Account.
  3. Here in window, you will see your keycode and subscription information.

To Find Keycode within Webroot for Mac:

  1. First, you have to open the user interface and then click on My Account.
  2. Here, the window opens up with your keycode and subscription information.

To Find Keycode within Webroot for Android:

  1. For Android, if the “Subscription Active” at the bottom of the screen, then you have to click on the bar.
  2. But, if you do not see “Subscription Active,” then you have to click on the Android Menu button and select “Register” option.
  3. Your keycode and subscription information is listed on the screen.

What is

Webroot Secure Anywhere is the strong antivirus which detects the cyber threat immediately and blocks it, before it harms your gadget. You can install this antivirus software through . It scans the data on a regular basis to secure your gadget from emerging threat. It provide user friendly interface and cloud storage facility to its customer so that the customer can store the backup of their valuable data and use it in times of threat or damage of device. It creates a wall of defense between the user’s device and internet threat and also monitors the network traffic. It is the perfect solution for all the devices like Android Phones, Computers, Laptops, Mac and Window OS etc.

Webroot Antivirus Products:

Webroot Antivirus: It is used for PC and Mac computers. Its features are fast scanning, no time-consuming updates and also protects against identity theft. It protects 1 device for 1 year.

Webroot Internet Security Plus: It secures Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. It protects your logins and passwords information. It is used to protect 3 devices for 1 year.

Webroot Internet Security Complete: It is used to eliminate traces of online activity and also includes System Optimizer. It protects 5 devices for 1 year.For more information, you can go to the official website of Webroot antivirus through

Webroot Geek Squad Easier Installation Steps: software detects all kinds of Virus, Trojans, Spyware, Rootkit, and malware from your devices on the first scanning process only. Tough some dangerous software is difficult to identify and remove; Webroot Spyware is sufficient and powerful to do it. Not only that but also it blocks malware from inserting your device. Webroot Antivirus software recognizes the virus in real time so that you are guaranteed as you surf the web using the internet, download any attachments, online banking etc. So visit and get it now!

If you want to Install Webroot in your device then we can help you with some simple steps. Just go through the guidelines provided below and it will be completely established on your device without any issue. Let’s go through complete guidelines of the Webroot installation from

Before going through the Webroot installation process, check that all the pre-requirements are fulfilled by you like:

  • Assure that you have stored your 20 Characters Product Key which you will get through confirmation email or is placed inside the CD cover box. It is always unique and holds data about your subscription. If you bought a multi-user license, then the same product key will be used to install the Webroot software on all devices.
  • Check and ensure that your device is working properly and there is no any software conflicting issues
  • Remove Extra and unnecessary extension from your device
  • Check your control panel and verify there is no other security software available because it will generate a big issue so if it’s available then uninstall it.
  • Once go through the license contract at
  • Ensure that the Internet connection is constant.

Webroot software is supporting below browsers: Internet Explorer® 7.0 or higher than it, Mozilla Firefox® 3.6 or higher than it, or Google Chrome™ 10.0 or higher than it.

Some Very Easy Steps to Download and Install Webroot Antivirus Setup

  1. Before Install Webroot Antivirus Setup on your device, once restart your devices and then visit to download the Webroot internet protection software without using the CD drive or DVD. And check that you got a confirmation email with the 20-character product key.
  2. To use a CD drive to install Webroot Antivirus software on your device, buy a CD/DVD from a local retail store and check that there is a 20-character product key is available at the back side of your box.
  3. To install Webroot Antivirus Software online from Webroot Geeksquad, visit the website and register your account here. After registration signing into it and click on download option. Double-click on setup and go through all steps one by one. Agree on terms and conditions install software successfully.
  4. Webroot Software installation using a CD drive needs to place CD drive on your device and then double-click on the setup file and go through all the steps carefully.
  5. Now to complete the installation process, once reboot your device.

Now to get complete access of Webroot Antivirus software, you have to activate the software once. How to Activate the Webroot software?

  • Visit and signing into your account, and go to the online activation page of Webroot setup.
  • Add 20-character activation key without using hyphens. While entering a code, ensure that you are entering it correctly.
  • Now click on the Activate button and perform the activation procedure carefully.
  • After successful Webroot activation key authentication, it will enable you to scan your device For more details of scanning and setup related just visit and get expert advice on it.
Download and Install Webroot Antivirus and Protect you Devices –

Secure Webroot Antivirus Installation URL Webroot Antivirus is one of the proven best webroot Geek Squad. If you own a device or system and you are connecting it to internet or another device then you must have antivirus software. Virus or any risky threat like Malware, Trojan, Spyware, Rootkit or online hacking or attack can steal your data and damage your system. And to save your system from such treats, install antivirus software known as webroot from and secure your system. You can also install it on your device such as the laptop, mobile, tablet, PC etc.

Although the process of Webroot setup can be carried out by you easily from some process may bother you due to some conflicting between system and software or other application. And you may look for the help to complete the process and solve the issues. We support by trained cadre who is ready to support you 24/7.

If you are getting difficulty in setting up Webroot Setup on your system then no need to bother about it. We are here to help you with a dedicated and skilled team to fix your queries. If you are worried about the price and rate of services then don’t worry! Our webroot setup support and services are within your budget.

Webroot Spyware Removal Software

Webroot recognizes and eliminates all sorts of Virus and malware from your devices on the initial scanning only. Even some of the risky software are hard to recognize and eliminate, Webroot Spyware is enough strong to do it. Not only that but also it prevents Viruses and malware from entering your device. Webroot Antivirus software recognizes the virus and malware software in real time situation so that you are ensured as you surf the internet, download software or other applications or send and get an email with attachments, etc. you just have to visit and download it.

The best thing about Webroot Spyware Removal is the integrity of use in setting up, maintaining the updates and giving scans also by working the quarantine and improvement software. You may recognize what kind of scan you want to do, like quick, complete or custom scan, depending on your demand and requirements. More Information and free support for all the processes are available at

Common Issues Faced By Computer Users:
  1. If your secured or sensitive information gets hacked.
  2. If your device is performing slow.
  3. Automatic reboot of operating system.
  4. If you are getting constant popup on your screen.
  5. If there is loss of important data.
  6. If there is corrupt operating systems, or System is freezing or hanging, Hard disk crashes, and also if Applications do not response in time.
  7. If your Computer wireless interface is not working, or Computer is not detecting wireless and cable printers.
  8. If Computer web cam, Touchpad and console is not working.
  9. If Network is getting lost.

How you can Uninstall Webroot SecureAnywhere From Mac And PC?

Uninstall Webroot From PC with Window Application Wizard:
  1. Press Windows key and R key at the same time in order to open the Run box.
  2. After this, enter appwiz.cpl in the Run box and then hit OK. Here, you can open the Control Panel and then select Uninstall a Program.
  3. Now, you should look through the Uninstall window till you find the Webroot product.
  4. After this, you should right-click on Webroot, and then tap on Uninstall button.
  5. You should enter the CAPTCHA, and then tap on continue button in order to uninstall antivirus from your PC.

Uninstall Webroot Antivirus From PC with Manual Removal:

  1. First, you should boot your PC in Safe Mode.
  2. Now, go to the Windows search bar and then type Command Prompt. When the program opens in the search window, then tap on Run as administrator.
  3. After this, you should type the command in the command prompt window and press enter:

C:\Program Files\Webroot\WRSA.exe” –uninstall

  1. When you enter the command, then you will get a prompt to uninstall After this, fill the reCAPTCHA and press the continue button to remove the program.

Uninstall Webroot SecureAnywhere from Mac:

  1. First, you should select the Finder icon in the dock.
  2. Then, you should open the Applications directory.
  3. Now, you should drag and drop Webroot program icon into the Trash Bin in the dock.
  4. When the confirmation window displays, then tap on Uninstall.

If the user needs help, then go to the official website of Webroot antivirus via