Cloud Security Mistakes You Should Avoid:

In this cyber world, data breaches become very common so people stored their backup data in the cloud. People assume that the data breaches generally happen because of the highly skilled and super intelligent programmers. Mostly cloud security issues happen because of the common human error or some mis-configuration. Hence, Webroot team wants their user not to make any mistake while taking backup of their data and stored in cloud. You can install this antivirus through This software is easy to use and provide user friendly interface. It also provides cloud storage facility to its user so that the user can take the backup of their personal data.

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The cloud infrastructure providers give best services to protect the user’s data. But, everything above the infrastructure layer is the responsibility of the user like data encryption, access control, patches, and malware prevention. The cloud infrastructure is secure for storing data. It satisfies both the developers and users’ demands. In this blog, you will read what cloud security mistakes you should avoid.

Common Cloud Security Mistakes Which You Should Avoid:

  • Indefinite Cloud Mode:

Generally, cloud migration takes place when the hybrid network in the cloud has a link with the corporate system so that the transition becomes easier. The hybrid network gives hackers the opportunity to attack on your cloud environment. If you do not isolate these vulnerable points, then hackers will attack on your data and steal your personal information. Your cloud security is your responsibility.

  • Ignoring Multi-Factor Authentication:

Multi factor authentication (MFA) gives additional layer of security to your cloud data. When you log in to your account, you have to enter your username and password for login. If you use MFA, for accessing your account you also have to enter the code which is sent to your mobile. If the hackers have your login credential then also they cannot be able to access your data. Hence, it is recommended to use MFA for the security of cloud.

  • Not Controlling Access to Cloud:

Cloud can be accessed by anyone virtually, if they have proper credentials. As physical servers gives strict access permissions, but cloud servers cannot provide this type of security to the user. So, small business owners prefer to choose web hosting services which is operate on physical servers. But virtual servers are very easy to access because of their access permissions but this could be misuse by anyone. Controlling access to data will protect your data from getting into the wrong hands.

  • Not Creating Backups and Patches:

You can continue your business if there is the damage of the devices or in case of cyber threat. If you do not maintain your cloud servers with data backups, patches and updates then it will open doors for hackers. Always remember, cost of maintenance is less than of the data breach.

  • Not Following Encryption Standard:

It is recommended that always use VPN or a private network to access a public cloud, otherwise hackers can easily access your data. Data breaches occur because of the poor password management and also due to the mistakes of employees.

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