Don’t Post Your Vaccination Card on Social Media:

In this Covid-19 period, it is very necessary that you protect yourself from this pandemic as well as from cyber attacks. Because hackers become alert and always waiting for your mistake which you made online. Hence, Webroot team just wants its customer to protect themselves from prying eyes by not making any kind of silly mistakes on internet. And this software can install via It is suggested that the people must take vaccine of Covid 19, in order to protect themselves from this pandemic but people share their photos on social media which can put their online privacy at risk. In this blog, you will read why people should not share their pictures of vaccination on social media.

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Why People Should not Share Their Vaccination Card?

  • Do Not Post Your Vaccination Card on Social Media:

When people get the notification that are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. Before they take their first dose, they became eager to share the picture of their vaccination card on social media. But they don’t know that these posts can put your online privacy and personal information at risk. You are sharing the good news, but hackers exploit the information on your card.

  • Vaccine Selfies Affect Your Online Security:

As many people receive the COVID-19 vaccine card, and people share on social media about the vaccine cards. But sharing this information will give criminals the data which they need to create and sell fake vaccination cards. Your vaccine cards remind you about your next appointment but this vaccine card has the important personal information like your name, date of birth and when and where you get vaccinated.

Keep in mind that these cards are the proof that you have been vaccinated. These cards help you to gets into a restaurant or in the airplane. But if you post your vaccination card on social media, then hackers can use your pass to get into public places and can also use it to receive a second dose. As you all know cybercriminals get so much profit from your health care records as they sell your information on the dark web. For more info, visit

Protect Your Digital Wellness:

To protect your digital wellness, it is suggested that you should not post photos of your vaccination card with your name and other identifiable information on the internet.

1. Check your privacy settings:

You must check the privacy setting before sharing any news. In this setting, you can create private groups or can select which followers can see your posts. It is also suggested that you should timely update your privacy setting. This will stop hackers to see your posts and steal your personal information.

2. Share Post of Something else, that you’re vaccinated:

You should not post a photo of your vaccine card, but you can share a picture of yourself just outside the vaccination center. You can share the pic of yourself that “I got vaccinated”. This will protect your digital well being.

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