How Webroot Protect Your Mac OS from Ransomware During Covid 19?

Webroot antivirus is the well trusted brand and gives complete protection to your devices against all internet threats. It safeguards your Computer, Mac, Laptop, Window OS and Android phones from malware and viruses. You can install this strong software through It gives user friendly interface and also it is easy to use. It provides the unique features like Web Cam Protection, Parental Control, Web Shield Protection, Firewall Setting, Anti-Theft and Camera Trap feature. Mac OS is very popular among all the organizations because it takes very less time to complete any official or personal work. In this blog, you will read how to protect your Mac OS from Ransomware during Covid 19 period.

Tips to Protect your Mac OS from Ransomware:

  • Make Sure About Links:

You should not click on any untrusted link and also do not download any links which is sent to you by unknown senders. You should first check the credentials before downloading or clicking on any link. Because these links might contain malware in it which can damage your device or can put you in great trouble.

  • Get Rid Of Browser Clutter:

You should delete Adobe Flash, Java, Adobe Reader and Silverlight plug-ins from your browser because it makes your device more vulnerable to malware. If you require this plug-ins in future you can download the latest version.

  • Stay Updated:

It is strictly advised that you should keep your operating system always up-to-date because updates help your device to fight against the emerging threat created by hackers. If your device is up to date, then it can fix the security flaws in your device and also gives more protection against threat.

  1. Install Webroot Antivirus:

The first thing you should do protect your device against threat is to install Webroot antivirus through Because this antivirus scans your data in real time and gives protection against viruses and malware. It blocks the malicious websites and stops you to download any malicious attachment or link by giving you alert warning.

  • Turn off Internet:

If you find anything suspicious, then you should switch off your device and disconnect your device from the Internet. You should also turn off wireless connections like Bluetooth because this thing can be used for compromising your device. This will not allow hackers to access your device.

This method will help you to protect your Mac OS from ransomware. In case, if you want more information then you can contact to the customer care executive anytime from anywhere. For details about the Webroot antivirus, you can visit to its site through

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