How You Can Protect Yourself From Covid 19 Charity Scam?

COVID-19 pandemic has disturbed the life of everybody. But this virus has given the opportunity to scammers, so they plan new ways to attack the internet users to steal their valuable data to make money. Charity is one of the growing scam these days. Hackers trick people of good intensions to give money to fake charities. They take charities due to the diverse impact of Covid 19. Webroot team just wants its user to aware about the charity scams. You can install and download this security software through This software scans the data and protects it from malware and viruses. If the user wants to secure themselves from fake charity scams then they should ask the organization ask for donations.

In this type of scam, scammers prey on your goodwill and pretend to be the representatives of a legitimate charity. And then they’ll call you, email you, or approach through other means for donations. But when the person gives the money, it directly goes into the scammers’ pockets. Remember, charity scams can also results in Identity Theft as some scammers ask to give your personal or financial information like your Social Security number, bank account information, or credit card numbers. And with this information, hackers make fraudulent purchases or take loans in your name. In this blog, you will read how you can protect yourself from charity scams.

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Tips to Protect Yourself from Charity Scams:

1. Take Time to Research:

It is advised that before you give charity to any organization, you should research to check that the organization is legitimate. You can check that a charitable organization in which you consider to donate is allowed to raise money in your state.

2. Search Online:

Before giving charity, you should check online that the organization is legitimate or not. You should type the name of the charity institute in the search engine plus words like “complaints,” “review” or “scam.” In case, you find many complaints or charges this means the “charity” is a scam, and you should avoid giving any money.

3. Look for Warning Signs:

If the representative of any charitable organization calls you or pressurizes you to give money immediately, then this is a clear sign that the charitable organization is not legitimate. Always remember that the real charities never pressurize you to give immediately. They will take your money when you are ready to give them.

4. Watch for Payment Methods:

You should get aware if the representative from a charitable organization asks you to pay through wire transfer, cash, or through a gift card. As these payment methods are very difficult to trace.

5. Take Caution with Email:

You should be cautious when you get the emails from the charitable organizations. As Email is the most common method used by many scammers, in which they try to trick people or convince them to give charity.

 6. Donate Directly:

It is advised that you should not give charity because they sent you an email. If in case, you want to donate, then you should contact a charity directly and ask them where it is sending donations.

The above are some of the tips which help you to protect yourself against Charity scams. For detail information about Webroot, just go to its official site through

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