How to Beat Cyber Crime Before Hackers Attack Your Data?

Internet becomes the demand of today’s generation. As people are depending on internet for online studies, for their official work, for shopping, entertainment and to pay their electricity bills etc. Nowadays, everything becomes digitalize and people are using more internet connected devices like laptop, computers, Mac, Tablet and Android Phones. Due to the increased use of Internet, cyber criminals take advantage of this situation which results increase in cyber crime. Hackers have deeper knowledge of web and also they have great technical skills.

With these skills, they attack on the internet user to steal their valuable data for their personal benefit or to make money. Cyber crime is more dangerous than other threats because it not only affects one person but it affects many people around the world. Hence, Webroot team wants its user to take preventive measures against cyber attacks. You can install this best and effective security software through This software scans the data timely and secures your data from malware and viruses. So, in this blog you will read how to beat cyber crimes before hackers steal your data.

Tips To Beat Cyber Crime Before Hackers Attack Your Data:

  • Install Webroot Antivirus To Secure Your Data:

As you know that cyber crimes are reaching at a high level. So, you must install Webroot antivirus in your gadget through . It prevents your system from identity theft, spyware, malware, phishing attacks, ransomware attacks, Trojans and other online attacks. It provide firewall which monitors the sending and receiving network traffic and also creates a wall of defense between threat and your gadget. It immediately blocks and removes the threat when it found any suspicious activity online.

  • Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi:

Generally, when people hang out for dinner or for coffee in restaurants, they use public Wi-Fi but this is very dangerous. As using public Wi-Fi, gives hackers the chance to directly access your device without your consent. And this is very risky as hackers can steal your valuable data like password, username, financial details etc. by installing malware in your device. If it is necessary to use public Wi-Fi, then it is highly recommended that you should use VPN connection, as it encrypts your sending and receiving data and also hides your IP address.

  • Create Password which is Difficult to Crack:

You should create a unique, long and the strong password for all your online accounts. Password should be of at least 8 to 12 characters, and it should consist of lower, upper case, numbers and symbols. You can also make use of Passphrase which is difficult to crack by the hackers.

  • Think Twice Before You Click:

If you get any email or text message from unknown sources then it is advised that you should not open that emails because it contains malicious links. And when you click on that links, it will install malware in your gadget which steal your data and sometime your system gets freezes. Hence, before clicking on link you should think twice.

The above method will help you to beat cyber crime before hackers attack your data. If you need more information, just visit to the site of Webroot antivirus through

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