Webroot Cyber Security And Privacy Forecast of 2020:

With the developments in technology, people are using more smart devices in their homes as well as in their offices. As these devices increases their level of convenience, and they can manage their more quickly and faster than before. But this increases the opportunities for cyber criminals to attack on the people through these devices as all these devices are internet connected. Through these devices, hackers started stealing your personal data. Private vehicles are also becoming the target of the hackers. Hence, Webroot antivirus wants their user to practice cyber security as these attacks will get increase in the year 2020. You can install this trusted antivirus software through www.webroot.com/safe. It secures your data from unauthorized access and also protect from emerging threat. It gives protection to your Window OS, Mac, Computers, Laptops, and Android Phones. In this blog, you will read the cyber security and privacy forecast of 2020.

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What are the Cyber Security Forecast Of 2020?

  1. Ransomware Attack will Increase:

Ransomware attacks will increase from small to medium size government and public-sector entities. Cybercriminals know that these entities are less secure, more vulnerable, and they will pay out. As these organizations have fewer resources to secure their personal Information like outdated infrastructure, a lack of security awareness, and limited technical knowledge. All these result in organizations falling victim to ransomware attacks.

  1. Phishing Attacks becomes the Top Concern:

The main motive of the phishing attack is to steal the personal data of the user. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, people are working from home and their devices contain all the private data of the companies. Hackers attack on the employee’s device by sending them phishing email. All these emails contain links, when the employees click on that malicious link, hackers can easily be able to steal the valuable data of the companies. This is the major concern of the companies. sources

  1. The Urgency of Recognizing Threat:

When hacker will install malware in your device, the users have to immediately recognize the threat. But sometimes it becomes difficult to identify the threat which you have never seen before. That is why, it is most hazardous period of attack.

  1. AI Powered Cyber Attacks:

Attackers will create programs by using artificial intelligence that mimics known human behaviors. Through this technique, hackers can trick people to give up their personal or financial information.

  1. Cloud Jacking:

In this type of cyber attack, hackers will infiltrate the programs and systems of businesses, which are stored in the cloud, and they will use these resources to mine for cryptocurrency.

  1. Vehicles Cyber Attack:

Today, mostly cars and trucks are connected to the Internet, that is why the threat of vehicle-based cyber attacks increased. Attackers will be able to access vehicles just to steal their personal data, track their location, driving history of person, and they can also disable the safety functions in their vehicles.

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