What Steps You Should Take after Entertainment Data Breach?

As you all know that if Data Breach occurs then your personal information will be compromised and there is a risk of identity theft. This breach happens if there is a leak from inside the company because of poor data security and faulty program or if there is malware, or viruses present in the user’s device. As a result hackers can easily gain access to the gamers’ accounts and listen to their conversations. And when you purchase games, attackers can use your credit or debit card data also. They install malware or fake apps through video games in your device. Webroot team has given steps you should take after Entertainment Data breach and this software can install via www.webroot.com/safe. In this blog post, you will read the steps you should take after Entertainment Data Breach.

Steps Take After Entertainment Data Breach:  

1. Confirm the Breach:

If you find your data is compromised then you should take action quickly. You should be active and immediately contact the breached company. After this, you should confirm whether your data is exposed or not.

2. Check What Type of Data was Stolen:

When you find your data was stolen, then you should check what type of data was compromised. Because, sometimes attackers steal your names, phone numbers, home addresses or email addresses but not your financial data such as credit and debit card numbers. If the user came to know which data was exposed then they can take protective actions accordingly such as monitor their accounts for unauthorized activity or credit freeze their accounts.

3. If Breached company’s offer help, then Accept it:

If the breached company is offering help to the victim, then you should accept it like if it offers credit monitoring or identity theft protection services. Here, you should also analyze if the services are right for you. You should also check if the services are adequate or you should take extra steps to protect against identity theft.

4. Change and Strengthen your Login Credentials:

After data breach, you should immediately change your passwords and just make sure the credentials are unique and strong to protect your accounts. You should strengthen your login credentials, passwords and security questions-and-answers. It is suggested you should also implement two-factor authentication for the complete security of your accounts. For help, go to www.webroot.com/safe.

5. Contact Right People and Take Appropriate Action:

You should immediately reach to the breached company. If incase, the company do not help then you should contact to other organizations for help. After this, you should do announce fraud alert or credit freeze on your accounts according to the sensitivity of the stolen data.

6. Stay Alert and Monitor your Accounts:

After a data breach, you should be active such as you should regularly monitor your accounts for suspicious activity because attackers combine information from different sources in order to commit identity theft. Sometimes, attackers use your personal information to commit different crimes such as filing a tax return in your name to collect your tax refund, making purchases in your name, and using health insurance etc.

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