How to Identify Fake Facebook Profile?

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As you all know, that people usually create fake accounts on Facebook. Hacker’s main motive is of spamming, and tricking people to give money. So, Webroot team just want to aware their customer about these fake facebook accounts so that hackers cannot be able to steal their personal information and misuse them. In this blog, you will learn how to identify the fake facebook account.

Tips to Identify Fake Facebook Profile:

  • Check their Profile Picture:

The first thing you must check their profile picture. If you wanted to check that the profile picture is fake or real. You should first save the picture to your computer and then you should use Google Image Search to verify. Then upload the picture to Google Image, and hit search. If the photo is not real, then the picture has been used somewhere else or is the image of somebody else.

  • Number of Photos:

Generally people share their photos about their trips, events and with their family members. They sometime tag their photos with other users also. Fake people do not share their pictures on Facebook.

  • Read the Timeline:

If the user is posting so many links with ads, this means that this account is for promotion. It is possible that it is a fake account. Mostly the facebook users share their experiences, jokes etc. But if you do not see this kind of post, then this is a clear sign of fake account.

  • Check Friends:

You must check their friend list. If the person has a local friend list then it is a real account but if the friend list has many foreign friends and no local friends then it is a fake account. If it is girl account and is consist of so many friends then there is a doubt because generally girls do not like to make unknown friends. Then it is advised do not accept the friend request. this link

  • Lack of Interaction:

If the person has posted his picture on Facebook and gets so many comments on it.  But the account holder did not reply to any of the comment then this is sign of a fake account because the genuine person always replies, at least they write thanks in return.,, Webroot Geek Squad Installation Instructions, Redownload or Get Your Keycode, - webroot/safe

If want more information about Facebook then you can call the expert anytime. For safety, you must install Webroot antivirus in your device through which protect you from phishing scams.

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