If Lightroom File Appears to be Unsupported or Damaged! How to Fix it?

Lightroom is basically the part of Adobe cloud and it has features like creating, editing and also sharing photos from anywhere. Sometimes, users face issue such as Lightroom File Appears to be Unsupported or Damaged. In order to fix this issue, the user should read the below article.

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Method To Fix If Lightroom File Appears to be Unsupported or Damaged:

1. Check you have Latest Version Installed:

If the user is getting the error, File appears to be unsupported or damaged in Lightroom, and then it occurs because of an outdated version of the software. Now, the new version of Lightroom support for Apple ProRaw images, new cameras and also lenses. It also provides you the Edited filter and gives you various bug fixes. So, if the user wants to fix the issues in your PC, just download the latest version of Lightroom.

2. Move File to Different Location:

For this, you should first locate the file which is giving the error message to you. After this, you should move file to a different directory. The user can move the file to the root directory like C: or D: and then open it from here.

3. Check File Name:

You should check the name of the file which is giving you the error. If in case, the name of the file has any special characters, then just right-click on the file and then selects Rename. At last, you should delete the special characters from the name and then check if the issue solves or not.

4. Open File in Different Application and Save it:

First of all, you should open the file in any other photo editor. It is highly recommended that the user should use Photoshop Elements but they can use other editor also. If you successfully opened the file, then you can save it under a different name. At last, you should try to open it with Lightroom.

5. Reinstall Adobe Lightroom:

The user should press Windows Key + I shortcut key altogether in order to open the Settings app. After this, you need to visit to the Apps section. Here, you should choose Lightroom and then hit on Uninstall option. When the application is removed, then the user should download and install the latest version of Lightroom.

6. Scan your Hard Drive:

For this, first of all the user should visit to this PC and then find the drive where you have saved the images. After this, you should right-click on it and then hit on Properties. Now, you should visit to the Tools tab and then in the Error-checking section you should hit on Check option. At last, you should wait for the procedure to complete and then just restart your device.

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