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Many people have suffered; cyber attacks in the year of 2019. And now because of the coronavirus, when people are already suffering from lot of things, cyber criminals are taking advantage of this situation and attack on the innocent people through their phishing emails. Hence, cyber security becomes a serious issue for the people as well as for the organizations. It is predicted that in the year of 2020, there will be the major security threats on internet. Webroot team wants its customer to know about those threats so that they can take preventive steps against it. You can install this antivirus through www.webroot.com/safe. This software regularly gives updates just to protect your device from emerging threats. It gives protection from malware and viruses. It immediately detects and blocks the internet threat. In this blog, you will read the major security threats of 2020.

The Major Security Threats in 2020:

  • Phishing Techniques:

Today the users cannot be able to differentiate between a phishing email or an authentic email. The emails created by hackers contain fake business offer, employment opportunity or a purchase order. And in 2020, these emails will be more popular.

  • Ransomware will be on Rise:

Ransomware has damages many organizations in 2019. But in 2020, it will be in more dangerous form. Cloud data is considered to be safe but hackers will attack on your cloud data so that all your valuable data goes into the hands of hackers. They will leave you with no choice; you will have to pay ransom for your valuable data.

  • IOT Becomes the Target:

Today, people are totally dependent on IoT products for their official as well as for their home task. Smart Phones is used for doing business as well as for entertainment. All these smart devices are connected to Internet. So, this gives the chance to hackers to attack on your devices. In 2020, people will utilize these devices more. So, IOT becomes the first target of the attacker.

  • Insider Threat Increase:

In 2019, data breaches has affected many corporate and government sector. It is estimated in 2020, most of the data breach will be caused by insiders because they have the right to access the confidential data. Data breaches will increase when there will be human error also.

  • Beware of Smishing:

Hackers basically use this technique to download Trojan horse, virus or malware in your devices through SMS. In the year 2020, Smishing Method will be on rise on the platforms like WhatsApp, Slack, LinkedIn, Signal, etc. Because, this is the commonly used medium of communication.

If you wanted to know more about the security threats, then you can call the expert of Webroot antivirus through webroot.com/safe.

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