How to Share Wi-Fi without Giving Your Password?

As you know today everybody is totally dependent on the Internet. And many times it happens when your friend mobile data finishes and they ask you to share your Wi-Fi. But sharing your password with anybody is not a good idea. So, Webroot team by considering the security of their customer tells you the ways how you can share your Wi-Fi without giving your password. You can install this antivirus software through This software completely secures your data against all kind of threat like malware and viruses. It quickly detects and blocks the threat and stop the unauthorized access to your device. It also safeguards your device against emerging threat. In this blog, you will read how you can share your Wi-Fi with your friends without giving your password.

Simple 3 Ways through which you can Share Your Wi-Fi without Giving Your Password:

  • Connect Through WPS Feature:

Today, most of the Wi-Fi devices have the feature of WPS that is Wi-Fi Protected Setup which helps you to connect with your home router. And Android Phones, computers and laptops also support WPS. To share your Wi-Fi, you just have to press two buttons- one in your router and other in your device. In your Android, you have to go to Setting option, and then you have to select Network and Internet. After this, click on WiFi. Now you have to scroll down and look for WiFi option. Here you have to tap on Advance, and then click on “WiFi Push Button”. Now in your WiFi router and you have to press the WPS button. this blog

  • Scan QR Code:

There are numerous sites and apps which helps you to create QR codes. If you are on Android then you can look for QR Code Apps and if you are on web, then you just go to QR Stuff and then select “Wifi Login”.  After this, you have to enter your SSID. If you wanted to connect your Guest Android phone to a WiFi Network, in that case you can use WiFiKeyShare. this link

  1. Use Router Guest Mode:

Every router has a Guest Mode Feature. So, you can keep a strong password for a normal network and some simple password for the guest. Now your Guest can connect with your Wi-Fi, through Guest network.

These methods help you to share your Wi-FI without giving your password. But for more details, you can call the expert of Webroot antivirus anytime. Or you can go to its site through for details.

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