How to Maintain Social Distance from Cybercriminals, Scams and Robocalls?

Today, because of the Coronavirus disease many companies instruct their employees to work from home so that they can properly maintain social distance and avoid the risk of spreading of this disease. So, it is very essential that the employees can also maintain social distance from cybercriminals, internet scams and also from robocalls. Because of this pandemic, hackers are getting new opportunity to steal the valuable data of your company. In this case, it is very important that the employees follow all the precautions to protect their company’s valuable data from the hands of hackers. And it is suspected, that the hackers are planning a big cyber attack as they know the employees who work remotely have less security measures. Hence, Webroot antivirus wants their customer to be aware of this internet scams and robocalls. You can install this great antivirus software through This antivirus immediately detects the threat and gives you the warning of threat and blocks it. It secure your gadgets from malware, spyware, Trojans, rootkits and ransomware and also from phishing attack etc. In this blog, you will read how you can maintain social distance from cybercriminals, scams and also from robocalls.,,, www webroot com safe, webroot com safe,, Webroot Activate , safe, safe, webroot filtering extension

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Maintain Social Distance from Cybercriminals, Scams and Robocalls:

  • Use Strong Passwords:

The employees who are working from home, it is very essential for them that they use strong, unique and complex password for all their accounts. There should be different password for different accounts. It should be lengthy, of at least of 12 characters so that hackers cannot be able to crack it. If it is difficult for you to generate this kind of password, then you can take the help of password manager and can store all your passwords in it.

  • Stop Spam and Robocalls:

You can stop robocalls, by just not answering to the calls which come from unknown numbers.  If a scammer calls you and ask you to hit the button so that you can stop getting this call then just hang up because scammer usually use this type of trick to trap you. Do not respond to any such call with answer Yes because they will record your voice and sign up with the expensive service. Do not give any personal information, if you think it is a suspicious call.

  • Use VPN:

You should always open your device through VPN, as it encrypts your sending and receiving data. And hackers won’t be able to know about the location from where you are working. It can also protect you from malicious websites and it makes your public network private.

  • Use Best Security Practices:

You should install Webroot antivirus in your apparatus through which secures your data from cyber threat. And also do not open any phishing email and do not click on the malicious link provided in it. Always keep your device and security software up to date as this protects your device from emerging threat. When you are not making a video call, then cover laptop camera with a tape.

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