How You Can Avoid Tech Support Scams?

Nowadays, tech support scams are increasing on the internet. This scam generally uses social engineering and fear tactics just to install malware in the user’s device. Basically, scammers use three techniques to execute their scam that is cold calls, pop-up messages and also the incorrect search engine results on the computer. Webroot team just wants its user to get aware of the tech support scams and take preventive measures. You can install this useful and effective security software through This software secures the user’s device from malware and viruses. In this blog, you will read the tips to avoid tech support scams.

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Techniques Which Scammer Use For Tech Support Scam:

Cold Calls and Fake Phone Calls:

In this, the scammer calls the target and pretends to be from tech support at a reputable company and tell the user that they have found malware in the user’s computer. Then the scammer asks them to install a type of remote access desktop software which helps to remove the malware. But in reality, through this software hacker can gain access to the user’s computer to install the real malware. Remember if you provide remote access then you cannot stop scammer with security software. To install this software, they ask for credit card details. Through this way, they try to steal your financial information.

Pop-up Warnings:

These pop-up warnings come on the user screen when they are browsing the Internet. When the user views a website which has links to related content and the user when click on that links, this will redirect them the pop-ups. And when these pop-ups come on the screen, this will make difficult for the user to close the window. These pop-ups show a message that the computer is infected with malware and then they provide you a phone number which helps to remove the malware. These pop-ups looks legitimate source but they just want to trap you.

Advertisement and Confusing Search Results:

Hackers generally use paid search to advertise their support services. In this the scammer will call you, pretend to be from a reputable software company or they will walk you to install the applications which allow remote access to your computer. Or, may be they show you the fake pop-up messages on your screen just to trick you so that you call on the fraudulent ‘support’ hotline. The main motive of the scammer is you pay the one-time fee or subscription, to resolve the issue. If in case, you want to download the software, then just ensure it is from official websites. The software from third-party sites maybe a scam or install malware.

The main motive of all these scams is to gain money and to install malware like keyloggers or Trojans so that it gains access to personal information.

How to Avoid pop-up and cold-calling tech support scams?

You should closely look at the popup messages and check the signs which show it is a fraud like poor spelling and bad grammar, unprofessional image or the language which show a sense of urgency. Just verify the phone number or business name which is listed in the pop-up.

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