Best Way To Clear Malware by Using Webroot Antivirus:

Webroot antivirus is the best security product which stops the unauthorized access to your device. It secures your data from malware and can be installed through It protects all the internet connected devices like computer, laptop, Mac and Android Phones. It increases the speed of your device without interrupting your work and runs in the background. If in case, the user needs more information about the product then visit to the official site of Webroot. In this blog, you will read the method to clear the malware from your device.

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Method To Clear Malware By Using Webroot Antivirus:

How you can find Malicious Software?

  1. If you find there is any changes or modifications occurring in your computer system automatically.
  2. Sudden System slowdown can be the reason of malware infection.
  3. You will find Pop-ups appear on your screen.
  4. If there are missing of files or you cannot be able to access the files.
  5. If your computer system is not performing the basic functions like booting, not connecting to the internet, etc.
  6. If your computer frequently shut down.
  7. If the Emails are being sent without your knowledge.
  8. If the user cannot be able to access an application or another program.

Enable Automatic Scanning Option:

First, you have to launch the Security software which you have downloaded on your PC. After this, you should start installing it. Now, you have to locate the Protection option and then run a full virus scan. At this point, you should tap on the clock icon which is present on the window in order to schedule a period and time for the automatic scan. Now, you have to set the type and also the time of your schedule. Here, you should go to the Actions segment, then enable Automatic scan and then tap on OK button. Antivirus will scan to detect the viruses from the files which you have downloaded on your system. Later, periodic scanning process will also occur, according to your schedule.

Clear Malware By using Antivirus:

First, you have to disable the network connection on your computer system. After this, Boot your computer system into the safe mode before you start clearing the malware. Now, you should delete the files which are stored temporarily in your computer. Here, you should download a malware scanner from a trusted site. Then, you should start the scanning process with your antivirus. At this point, you should select carefully before starting the scanning process. Here, the search results will appear on your screen when the scan completes. Next, you should locate the Remove Selected button which is located at the bottom of the page and just select it. At last, the threats which are detected will be deleted from your computer system.

The above method will help you to clear the malware from your computer system by using Antivirus. If the user need more details about the Webroot product, then just visit to the official site through

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