Common Myth Debunked By Webroot Antivirus:

In this digital world, as everybody depend on the computer and Android Phones. So, their first priority is to keep their gadgets running smoothly. But you must have heard about the misconceptions about the threats which exist. There are some common myths which are debunked by Webroot antivirus. You can install this popular antivirus through This antivirus completely protects your device and data from spyware, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware and also from phishing attack. It stops the unauthorized access and secures your device from emerging threat. It gives user friendly interface and improves the speed of your device by scanning its data timely. In this blog, you will read about the myths debunked by Webroot Antivirus.

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What are the Common Myth?

  • Slow PC Means Computer has a Virus:

This is not necessary that your computer has a virus, this may be the sign that too many processes are running in the background. You can improve the speed of your computer, by just getting rid of programs which you don’t use, update the programs which you use, clean out your Internet browsers, and also defragmenting your hard drive. For Android Phone, you can delete apps which you don’t use.

  • Viruses Are For Windows:

Windows systems are the dominant systems in the market but that does not mean that only Windows get infected with Viruses. It is true that the Window is being used worldwide and has been in the market for long. As you know that the Apple devices are becoming famous both in private and public sectors, so hackers attack on those products as well. Hackers not only target the mobile devices but also the iOS devices. This means that if you have a internet connected device whether it is a Windows, iOS or mobile device, you must install Webroot antivirus program through so that it protect your devices from cyber threat like malware and viruses.

  • Free Antivirus give Adequate Protection:

 Free antivirus programs give you basic protections, but if you wanted to be protected against phishing attacks then you must have Internet Browser Security. As in this attack, hackers steal your personal and financial data and use them for their own personal benefit. Installing Webroot antivirus in your device will protect you from malicious websites, links or attachments.

  • Viruses Are Made to Sell Antivirus Product:

This theory comes up with the fact that some antivirus companies have made viruses just to test the strength of their product. But in the reality hackers are the ones who make new techniques of attack on the user with their latest malware. Hackers always stay one step ahead of cyber security programs as they wanted to steal sensitive data and money from the users for their own benefit.

If you want more information about Webroot antivirus program, then you can call the expert or you can visit to the site of Webroot through The executives of Webroot are available all the time for the user.

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