COVID-19 Leads To More Cyber

COVID-19 is not only a physical threat but also launches the cyber threat for the society. Hackers are using the fake documents about the coronavirus so that they can install malicious software in your device and steal sensitive user information. But Webroot team wants their customer to be aware of all online scams and they are giving alert signals to the user that how hackers are spreading malware in your devices through emails or through malicious software. You can install this antivirus in your device through So that you can protect your device and data from these phishing emails which hackers are creating to spread malware? This antivirus timely scans your data to protect your device from malware and also stops the unauthorized access to your device by hackers

As Covid- 19 became the threat for the whole world, cybercriminals have taken advantage of the growing demand for information. They spread the malicious software into tracking maps, government reports and health fact sheets in various languages. Hacker’s main motive is to pressurize the internet user to share their personal information and also they wanted to gain access over your computer and smart phones. In many cases, hackers trap the users by pressurizing them to download the document which comes from official health authorities just to deliver malicious code in their computers. Attackers also send the phishing email with the fraudulent attachment or link in it, so that the victim click on that link and hackers get their sensitive information or they can demand for fraudulent charities or causes.

Hospitals become the major target for the hackers, as the scammers know that the hospitals are under major pressure. And hackers always take advantage of urgency. As hackers also know that the hospitals are facing the shortage for protective equipment like gloves, they take advantage of this situation and this also becomes the area for exploitation.

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You should aware your employees and employers about the emerging phishing email scams. To minimize the risk employees follow these points- be extra vigilant about phishing emails, practice good cyber hygiene, only use secure Wi-Fi, report lost and stolen devices immediately and for employers- set up remote access, confidential information should keep confidential, Do not allow employers to use personal laptops for work and update your emergency contacts.

For more information about COVID-19 and their precautionary measures, you should visit to the official website of Webroot antivirus through If you want help on call, then you can call on their toll free number any time from anywhere.

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