Easy Way To Spot and Remove Spyware from Android Phones:

Spyware is a form of malware which is designed by hackers to steal your personal information from your device without your consent. Webroot team just wants its user to aware about spyware and you can install this product via www.webroot.com/safe. In this blog, you will read how to spot and remove spyware from Android Phones.

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Detect Spyware on an Android phone:

  1. The clear sign of Spyware is your devices will slowdowns or starts crashing. And also Apps will take longer time to load, or the apps start freezing.
  2. Spyware will run silently in the background and it uses a lot of extra battery and data if you are not using Wi-Fi, this will result in a higher phone bill.
  3. If new apps are installing in your device without your consent, or if there is change in settings like a new homepage or if see constant pop-ups, this indicate a clear sign of infection.
  4. If you use your phone normally then it causes some warmth, but if your phone is overheated then there might be malware in your phone which causes overheat.

The other reasons are maybe, you have to speed up your Android or you should clean up your Android to improve the speed, battery, or overheating.

Remove Spyware from Android Phone:

1: Use Spyware Removal Tool:

You must use a spyware removal tool to root out hidden spies and also to remove all traces. But it is advised you should not download any app from the Google Play Store because there are so many fake apps out to remove malware but they actually did not remove it. You should make sure to use a legitimate antivirus app like Webroot antivirus which is the best spyware removers for Android. It detects and removes the malware and also prevents emerging threat. To scan spyware, you should download and install Webroot antivirus. Then, you should run an antivirus scan just to detect spyware or any malware in your device. Now, you should follow the instructions from the app just to remove spyware or any other threat.

2: Manually Remove Spyware:

First, you should reboot your phone into safe mode. As Safe mode will prevent all third-party apps from running and then you can verify that your phone’s strange behavior is because of spyware issue. Now, you should press your phone’s power button just to see your power off and then restart options. After this, you should long-press the Power off option and then Reboot to safe mode option will display on your screen. Then, click on OK button. At this point, you will see that you’re in safe mode through the indication which is in the bottom left of the screen. www.webroot.com/safe

Here, you should remove the suspicious apps. For this, you should open up your Settings and then hit on Apps or Apps & notifications according to your version of Android. Now, you should identify the malicious app, and click on Uninstall option just to remove it from your device. If in case, the app is sneaky, then it will have device administrator permissions which stops you from uninstalling it. In this situation, you should remove the permissions. For this, you should go to Settings and then select Security and then choose Advanced and then select Device Administrators. Now in the device administrator permissions, you should uncheck the box which is next to the malicious app. Here, from the list which pops up, you should click on Deactivate this device admin app. After this, you should go back to your list of apps and uninstall the app which looks suspicious. At last, you should Restart your phone and just boot it up in normal mode.

3: Perform a Factory Reset:

To perform factory reset, you should have a backup of your phone so that you don’t lose your photos, apps, and other data. For this, you should go to Settings and then select System and choose Reset options. Then, click on Factory data reset or just Erase all data (factory reset). Now, you should confirm by clicking on Reset device. Here, you have to confirm by typing your password or PIN.  This process will take time to delete and reset everything. Now, your phone will reboot as it’s a new device. Then, you can start your phone from fresh or restore from a backup. At last, spyware will be gone but you should install Webroot antivirus app to prevent from malware infections.

For more details about Webroot installation, just go to the official site via webroot.com/safe.

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