File Your Taxes Safely with Webroot Antivirus:

In this digital world, online fraud is the fast growing online crime. But during the tax season, it is responsibility of the taxpayer should protect their personal information like details related to finances etc from the hands of hacker. It is majorly for those people who pay taxes online. And you know that filing taxes online saves your time, it is less expensive than engaging a tax service and also you quickly get your tax refund. Webroot wants their user to be aware while filing taxes. You can take these protective measures which are given by Webroot to protect your personal information from hackers. You can install this antivirus through

Best Practices To File Taxes Online:

  • Be Suspicious:

It is advised be cautious while opening any email.  Because hackers always try to capture your personal information through e-mails and the e-mail which they send you might look real or legitimate. But you must be aware of the fact that IRS do not send any kind of e-mails and also do not send any kind of warnings, advice, and links.

  • Install Security Software:

You should install security software like Webroot antivirus through on your devices. If you have this antivirus software in your device than hackers cannot gain access over your personal information, like your Social Security number or bank accounts details. With these details, they can file a tax on your behalf and get the refund. Webroot provide you Identity Theft Protection, which ensures complete security to your personal information.

  • Use VPN on Public Wi-Fi:

It is advised that you do not use public Wi-Fi when you are working on your tax return. If it is necessary than use virtual private network (VPN) because through this all your online activity remains encrypted. Whatever information you send and receive is encrypted. check this blog

  • Create Strong Password:

It is recommended that you should use strong passwords for all your accounts on all your devices. Password should be complex and unique; it should be the combination of letters, numbers, and other upper and lower case characters. You can take help from the password manager to store, remember and create your passwords for all your accounts.

  • Update Your Software:

It is advised that you should not ignore update notification in your device as updating your software fixes many security holes in your device. And also your device should be of the latest version.

  • Check For Encryption:

You must verify that the sites you are using should be secure and begins with “https” as this ensures that the site you are using encrypted. Padlock icon should also be there in your browser.

  • Wipe it Clean:

When you completed you must erase the history of the sites you visited, also delete the files which contain private information. Clear out the browser’s cache when you file your tax online.

For more details, you can visit to the official website of Webroot antivirus through

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