How to Fix ArcheAge Issues on Window 10 with Webroot?

AcheAge is the video game which was released in Korea for the players. But sometimes the players encounter ArcheAge issues in Window 10. So, in this blog you will read the method to fix ArcheAge Issues in Window 10. For protection of device, install Webroot via

Method To Fix ArcheAge Issues on Window 10:

  1. Check your Computer meets Hardware Requirements / Lower your Graphic Settings:

When you are playing ArcheAge, then you have to press Esc. After this, you should visit to Options, then go to Screen Settings, and Quality. Now, you should move Graphics Quality Settings slider to the left in order to set your graphic settings to Low. Lastly, you need to click on Apply in order to save the changes.

2. Switch from DirectX 11 to DirectX 9 mode:

If you are playing ArcheAge and then press Esc in order to open the menu. Now, you should visit to Options, and then Screen Settings and Screen. At last, you need to tap on DirectX 9 and then hit on Apply.

3. Delete Shaders Cache:

For this, first you have to go to the following path:


Then, you will view cache folder and just Delete it. At last, you should Start the game again.

4. Update your Video Drivers:

Sometimes, graphical issues occur because of video drivers, so you should download and install the latest drivers for your graphic card.And your drivers should be updated and you can update automatically with professional driver updater tool. Keep in mind automatically updating drivers will save time and the risk of malfunctions.

5. Run Game Client as Administrator:

You should go to the Glyph folder. Then by default, under the following path:

C:Program Files (x86)Glyph

Now, you have to right-click on GlyphClient and then select Properties. Here, you should go to the Compatibility tab and then ensure to check Run this program as an administrator. At the end, you need to tap on Apply and OK button and then just try again to patch the game.

6. Check your Firewall / Antivirus:

To fix the issue, you should check your Windows Firewall or the antivirus because sometimes it interfere with the game’s patching system. Hence, you should add the ArcheAge folder to the exclusion list in your firewall/antivirus. And for the protection of your device from viruses, you should have reliable antivirus i.e. Webroot antivirus via

7. Close Other Applications before You begin ArcheAge:

Keep in mind that sometimes other installed applications cause issues with ArcheAge. Hence, you should close the applications before you start ArcheAge. You can also disable some applications from Startup so that they do not interfere with ArcheAge.

8. Select your Region:

First, you should Run the game. After this, in the top right side, you should select your desired region.

With this method, you can fix ArcheAge Issues on Window 10. And for the protection of your device from viruses, you can install Webroot antivirus software via

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