How to Resolve Common Webroot Antivirus Problems?

In spite of its benefits, as it easy to install this antivirus in your device but some users face some kind of difficulties while installing this antivirus in their device. They face some error issues which they can’t able to solve, here we are discussing about some of these errors issues and try to give you the solutions, so that you can solve easily.

Webroot Login is a Mistake:

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When you do Webroot login through , its feature of identity theft, Web threat wall, outbound firewall are really very good, as it protects your online browsing but sometimes it deletes some of the files without your permission. Basically .exe files are deleted. Web threat wall blocks certain websites which it consider a threat without letting you know. Outbound Firewall only notifies you that some kind of action has been taken but it does not have the configuration option. Identity shield blocks or deletes the files which it consider not necessary.

Solutions of the Webroot Antivirus Problems:

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  1. If your internet seems to be slow, low downloading power then turn off the Outbound Firewall setting and restart your browser.
  2. If in case any of the software or file is deleted without the prior message then you can check the scan history in Webroot Anywhere Secure database. Here you will get the last scan, you won’t be able to recover the deleted file but you can turn off the Webroot real time security and reinstall the setup.
  3. If in case you find the useful websites is blocked then you can turn off the Web Threat Wall feature of that website.
  4. If your Search Indexer.exe is deleted, it can be search easily, just go to C://System 32 and search.
  5. Sometimes it happens that the malware path not exists, and then you can do full scanning with Webroot Antivirus and quarantine it.
  6. In some cases web client reported “Protected Status”, here you can turn off Web Threat Wall or ignore the web client.

If these alternatives cannot helps you, at that time you can take the support from the customer care team of Webroot via They are qualified and experienced and can solve your problem in the fractions of seconds. You can also call on their toll free number for support.

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