How Webroot help to Protect Your Privacy on Internet?

Webroot antivirus is well known antivirus which is helpful to protect your privacy on Internet. As you all know that whatever you search on your web browser, it collect the data of your online activity. But it is very essential that you should be careful about your online activity, as cybercriminals are spying on you all time. And the attackers can also take advantage of your personal information. So, the popular antivirus which gives total protection to your Online Activity and maintains your privacy is Webroot antivirus. You can install this antivirus via In this blog we discuss about how you can maintain your privacy Online.

Tips to maintain your Privacy on Internet: wants their customer to follow this tip so that they remain protected against all kind of cyber threat.

  1. Protect Your Wi-Fi network and Router:

Everybody knows that many routers have default password and usernames. So, it is recommended that you should keep a strong and a unique password of your router. This will maintain the security of your Wi-Fi network and it will be difficult for the cyber thieves to guess that password.

  1. Careful while using a Public Wi-Fi:

When you are at the public place and free Wi-Fi is available at that place then it is very convenient for you but remember to use that free network becomes sometimes it is very dangerous. So, it is recommended, when you are using the public Wi-Fi always use VPN network. It will secure your online privacy.

  1. Clear all cached files:

You must know this thing that when you go online, your browser stores lot of cached images and files. So, it is advised that when you go online, clear your cached files and images.

  1. Install a strong Antivirus:

It is strongly recommended that you should install a strong antivirus in your device like Webroot via This will secure your online privacy and unauthorized access of your device. It scans the data of your device and improves its speed. And time to time it introduces updates which give more protection to your devices and data.

  1. Turn off the Location Setting:

As many of the apps keeps the record of your location and send this information to the advertisers. It will be good when you go outside just turn off your location setting to maintain privacy.

  1. Choose the browser that don’t track your search history:

You know that many popular browsers keep the record of your search history, it is strongly advised that always choose that browser which keeps your online privacy.

  1. Avoid Torrent or Piracy websites:

Many times just to watch your favorite movie; you download the movie from pirated websites. By this way, malware enters into your device. It also gives the chance to cyber criminals to access your device and steal your confidential information.

Follow this tip of Internet Privacy, to stay safe and secure online. And for more information just go to the official website of Webroot via  

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