How Webroot Helps If Window 10 becomes Very Slow and Unresponsive?

Sometimes Window 10 bcomes slow and unresponsive after doing update. But in this post, you will read how Webroot helps to fix if Window 10 becomes slow and unresponsive. And the user can install and activate Webroot antivirus through

Method To Fix if Window 10 very Slow and Unresponsive:

1. Update your Drivers and Software:

 Windows 10 sometimes become slow if their components or applications are out of date. It is very easy to update applications but difficult to update drivers. Because if you install the wrong driver, then this will cause damage to your computer system, hence you should use DriverFix tool so that you can get necessary drivers for your device.

2. Check for Viruses:

If Windows 10 is slow and unresponsive then it is advised you should install Webroot antivirus through in your device just to clean your system. This software will regularly scan your device and make your PC safe and protected from malware. It is easy to use and has a user-friendly design. It comes with an optimization feature so it will scan your computer for unnecessary files and registry items. It will remove all the unused programs or apps and boost its performance.

3.  Disable Heavy Performance Processes:

For this, first you have to open Task Manager just by tapping on Ctrl + Shift + Esc key on your keyboard. After this, you should visit to the Startup tab. Here, you should Sort the processes just by their Startup impact rating. At last, you should Disable processes in the High category, but it is advised you should not disable programs like antivirus.

4. Enable Faster Startup Option:

First of all, you have to press Windows Key + S altogether and then enter power settings. Now, you should select Power & sleep settings. Then, you have to hit on Additional power settings. At this point, from the menu you should hit on Choose what the power button does which is on the left side. Here, you should select Change settings that are currently unavailable. After this, you should ensure to check Turn on fast startup (recommended). At last, you should Save your changes.

5.  Check for Slow Services:

You should press Windows key + R from your keyboard and then type services.msc and then tap on Enter key. Now from the list of all services which begin along with your Windows 10, you have to find that services which take long time to launch. Then, you have to right-click each service and then you have to change the settings from Default to Delayed Start. Lastly, you should Save your changes and then restart.

6. Disable blur effects and transparency:

You should open the Settings app. Then, you have to tap on Personalization. After this, you should hit on Colors. At last, you should Set Transparency effects to Off.

Through this way, Webroot fix the issue if Window 10 becomes slow and unresponsive. If user wants to know about Webroot, then go to

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