How You Can Protect Your Biometric Data With Webroot Antivirus?

Biometric system provides great convenience to the user so that they can access their device with ease. Biometrics is simply related to human feature means it uses the person’s physical characteristic just to verify their identity. It uses your physical traits like fingerprint, eyes or facial recognition. Today, more and more people are using biometric system to unlock their phone through fingerprint or facial recognition etc. This system provides great protection to your device from offline or online threat.

biometric data

 Always remember that your biometric data must be unique, permanent and collectible. Biometric data is used for unlock your phone or login to your online bank account and it is used in many more place to verify your identity. As you all know that hackers just find ways to attack your device and steal your information.  Hence, Webroot team just wants to give some tips how user can protect their biometric data from cyber threat. This security program secures your gadget from external and internal threat. In this blog, you will read how to secure your biometric data with

Types of Biometric Data:

  • Face Recognition:

It measures the facial features of a person face to verify the person’s identity. Basically, this feature is used in security and law enforcement and also to unlock the devices like laptop and smart phones etc.

  • Iris Recognition:

It identifies the person iris which is the colorful area of the eye just to identify the person. This is basically used for security purpose.

  • Fingerprint Recognition:

It captures the ridges and valleys which are there on tip of the human finger, and it is also used to identify a person. This feature is basically used as a password to unlock the screen of your Android Phones and Laptops.

  • Voice Recognition:

It basically measures the sound wave which is there in your voice when you are speaking to your device. This method is used to verify your identity and also used to give instruction to your smart speaker like Alexa etc.

  • Hand Geometry:

It is used to measures the features like length, thickness, width, and surface area of a person’s hand just to identify person.

  • Behavior Characteristic:

It identifies the individual by the way they interact with a computerized system like handwriting, the way you type and use a mouse, and also the other movements can access who you are etc.

And remember Biometric system works with the help of three components like Sensor, Computer and the Software. Sensor basically records your information and read it, Computer is used to store your information and Software helps to connect the computer hardware to the Sensor.

How You Can Secure Your Biometric Data With Webroot? –

Webroot gives some tips to protect your biometric data like to secure your biometric data; you should keep it at a safe place and keeps a strong password for that place so that hackers cannot be able to crack your information and also reach that place. Secondly, your software and device should be up to date so that they can fix the security flaws and provide your device more security features for the protection of your gadget. In case, you do not need biometric feature in your gadget then you should disable this feature just to secure your biometric data.

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