How You Can Protect Your Images from Being Stolen?

In this digital world, lot of people faces photo theft issues. When the user share their photos online, sometimes there photos get stolen. But if the user wants to check, that somebody is stealing their photos or not then they should conduct a reverse image search in order to identify the stolen image. For the protection of the photos, the user can use the online monitoring service which provides free image protection of 500 photos. And also you should install Webroot antivirus software in their device via as it keeps away malware and virus from your device. In this blog, you will read the method to protect your images from being stolen.

Method To Protect Your Images From Being Stolen:

  • Register Your Images:

The user can register their images in order to prevent image stealing. When you register your images, it will ask for a small fee and all your images will be protected by a copyright. Lenstag is the place which helps the photographers to recover stolen images and gives image protection services for your photos.

  • Watermark Your Images:

Watermarks help to stop photo stealers before they steal anything from your image. The user can create a small watermark and see it properly cover you. The user can add watermarks by using Photoshop or image-editing app. If in case, you don’t want to compromise on image quality, then you can use a subtler watermark. It is advised, you should make the watermark which a photo stealer cannot be able to remove.

  • Crop Part of Image:

If the user wants to prove that the original photo is yours, then you should crop out a small portion of the photo before it gets publish and then you can prove originality with continuity.

  • Stop Hotlinking:

The user should follow anti-hotlinking measures in order to secure their images from appearing on another site. With this, you can stop a thief from saving your images. If you use HTACCESS method, this will protect your photos from being downloaded.

  • Disable Right-Clicking:

If the user disable right-clicking, then it will not stop anyone from taking a screenshot. But, they cannot be able to steal photos in the first place.

  • Add Your Information to Metadata:

In order to protect your images, the user can also add their info to the metadata of the photo. This gives extra layer of security to your image. The user can add the copyright information by using Adobe products. With Lightroom option, you can add metadata to photos.

It is suggested, the user must install a reliable and compatible antivirus i.e. Webroot antivirus via which will secure your device from virus in which your all photos are stored. This will safeguard your personal information from getting stolen and also scans your gadget timely in order to protect it from malware. The user can easily download this antivirus by going to the official site of Webroot antivirus.

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