How You Can Protect your PC against Ryuk Ransomware Attack?

Ryuk ransomware is basically in which hackers steals the data from your system and threaten you to destroy it, if you don’t pay the ransom. But the user can protect themselves from such types of attack by installing Webroot antivirus in their system via This software protects the user’s data and device from all kind of malware and viruses. In this blog, you will read the method to protect your PC against Ryuk ransomware attack.

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Method to Protect your PC against Ryuk Ransomware Attack:

1. Use Webroot Antivirus Tool:

If the user wants to deal with any type of ransomware, then it is highly recommended you should use Webroot antivirus tool. It is very easy-to-use and also it protects your device from all type of malware attacks and it also fixes malware which is already there in your system. It secures your device from Ryuk ransomware, and you can also encrypt your data. It scans your device timely and increases the speed of your gadget.

2. Backup your Data:

It is advised you should create at least 3 copies of your important data. And you should save the 2 copies on different storage devices or media as this will add additional layer of security. This is because if one of the storage devices gets lost or fails, then you have the other one. It is suggested you should save one of the copies to another location or you can physically store them in another place. Here, you can even use a Webroot cloud backup storage system via This will protect your data from hackers or the natural disaster also cannot destroy your data.

How Ryuk Ransomware Attacks its Victims?

Ryuk ransomware encrypt your valuable data which is available on the network. If the users want their data back, then hackers will provide the decryption key to the users and in return demand for ransom. Ryuk ransomware works in a unique way. In this, the trickbot trojan is first installed on the user’s device because trojans stay on the user’s device for longer periods of time. Through this way, hackers steal the credentials just by compromising the network. After compromising the system, ransomware note is sent to the victim. In this hackers ask for the ransom, if the user wants to decrypt their system. They also threaten the victims that they will destroy all the files if they will not pay the ransom. If in case, the victim ignores the ransom message send by hacker, then the second ransom note is sent to the victim in this attacker threatens the user about the consequences. The hackers have the clear idea of the financial condition of the user before launching the attack. The reason behind Ryuk ransomware into the target systems is basically the identification of the important computers and datasets. To protect your device and data, the user must install Webroot antivirus in their system.

The above method helps to protect the user from Ryuk ransomware attack. If the user need any kind of help, then they can tap on

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