How You Can Protect Yourself From Malicious Websites and Drive By Downloads?

Today, in this digital time where all the people are doing their work through internet. The user use to visit many websites per day but they don’t know which site is completely secure and as a result they had to compromise their computer security. Because their security gets compromised just by visiting to the malicious website and drive by downloads. Hence, it is highly recommended that you should install Webroot antivirus in your internet connected devices through which will protect your device from malicious content. And this security software quickly identifies and blocks the threat and along with that it gives you the alert notification of threat. In this blog, you will read how to protect yourself from malicious websites and drive by downloads.

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Malicious Websites:

A malicious website is a site which contains a malicious content or malware in it. And when you visit to this website, malware automatically gets install in your device without asking your permission. Always remember, malicious websites often look legitimate websites.

Drive By Downloads:

Drive-by downloads is more dangerous than a malicious website. Drive-by downloads, simply installed on your computer just by looking at an email, browsing a website or if you have clicked on a pop-up window with text. It downloads in your device without your consent or by tricking you. When it downloads in your device, then it become difficult to get off your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Protect Yourself from Malicious Websites and Drive-by Downloads:

  1. You should remember that security software like Webroot cannot be able to detect the bad software which is there in the malicious websites or in drive-by downloads. But security software will stop you to visit to the malicious website and gives you the warning notification of threat.
  2. Very important thing which helps you to protect yourself is to keep your computer’s software up to date, and also keeps your operating system up to date. If you update your software and device then it will protect you from emerging threat. It also helps in fixing the flaws and patches in your device.
  3. It is advised that do not install the software till you are not confirmed that they’re safe.
  4. You should not open the emails which look suspicious and comes from unknown sender because it might contain malicious attachment which will install in your device if you click on that link present in the email.
  5. If you receive a link in an email, then you should not visit to the main website by clicking on the link. You can first verify that link by typing the address into your browser manually or you can also call the person who sent you the email.

The above method will help you protect yourself from malicious websites and drive by downloads. In case, you need support then just visit to the site of Webroot via

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