How you can Secure Yourself From Messenger Room Risk?

Messenger app is one of the best video conferencing app in which up to 50 friends can get together in one room and there is no time limit. In this, the users don’t have to download the app or create an account.  They just have to setup a Messenger Room and that Room has a URL. After that, the organizer will send the link to the friends and they just have to click on it and just be in the room. With this app, kids can watch movies together, organize game nights or can also study together from anywhere in the world. Hence, Webroot team wants to aware their customer about the risk of Messenger room. To avoid the risk of video chat, the user must install Webroot antivirus in their device through This software removes the virus from your devices and protects it from all kind of cyber attack. In this blog, the user will read how the user can protect them from the Messenger room risk.

What are the Risk?

  • Privacy:

As you all know that privacy is the biggest concern of the users. But Messenger Rooms such as Facebook collects the metadata from users and these metadata has the data of the people you talk with, at what times, and it can be shared with a third party. And also these Rooms, does not record calls and they don’t provide end-to-end encryption. As a result, hackers can take advantage of your data and private conversations.

  • Troublemakers:

As chat rooms are not password-protected and if the Room organizer fails to lock a room then anyone can pop in and compromise the security. The problem can also arise if anybody who has the link share to other person who doesn’t have the link.

Protection Tips For Using Messenger Rooms:

  • Privacy Settings:

 If the user is organizing the Room, then they should lock it in order to keep unwanted people away from their meeting.

  • Do not Share Private Things:

As you all know that Messenger Rooms isn’t encrypted, hence it is advised you should not have private conversations or you do not share any sensitive content on internet. If in case, you share personal things online then it is vulnerable to hackers.

  • Nothing is Free:

You should teach your kids that the services which they are getting online are not free. There is always a reason behind for free things. Aware your kids that your profile information and other conversation can be used by a third party.

  • Lock your room:

You should teach your kids whnever they organize the meeting they should always lock the room, so that unwanted people do not enter without your permission.

  • Report and block:

The user has the option if incase, the unwanted person disturb you in a Room, then they can block that person and immediately report it to Facebook.

  • Age-appropriate options:

If the kid is under 13, then the Facebook feature gives you the facility that younger kids must do video call with their friends in a parentally-supervised room. This makes your kids safe, and secure.

For the protection of your devices from virus and malware while doing video chat, the user must install Webroot antivirus via

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