How you can Unblock Certain Websites on Wi-Fi Router with Webroot Antivirus?

Sometimes, you cannot be able to access certain websites on Wi-Fi router because mis-configuaration or ISP blocks. To fix this issue, you should scan the device with Webroot antivirus via In this blog, you will read the method to unblock certain websites on Wi-Fi Router.

Methods to Unblock Certain Websites on Wi-Fi Router:

1. Use VPN:

First, you should download the VPN software in your device. You can use ExpressVPN, as it is secure and can unlock the strictest platforms. After this, you should install it in your computer system. Now, you should launch it and then log into your account by using the activation code. At this point, you should connect to a server in another region. In the end, again try to access the website.

  1. Use Smart DNS service:

The user should use Smart DNS service which allows you access geo-restricted content as it hides your geo-location. This replaces your DNS address and strips the geo-location data from it. If you use a Smart DNS, then it shows that you’re in different location. But the drawback of using a Smart DNS is that it gives no privacy and security. In this, there is no encryption and your IP address is not hidden.

  1. Perform Manual Troubleshooting Steps:
  • The user should clear the cache and cookies in your browser and again access the website. Again, restart your PC.
  • You can access the website from other web browser.
  • Just disable the ad blocker and try again.
  • One by one, you disable your browser extensions.
  • Temporarily, restart your modem or router.
  • Connect to your modem or home line.
  • User should use a wired connection instead of using Wi-Fi.
  • Check your computer has the correct time and date settings.
  • Customer should scan the PC with Webroot antivirus via for malware.
  • Check your firewalls do not block the website or service.
  • You need to flush your DNS and use other DNS.

4. Flush your DNS:

The customer should launch the CMD with admin rights. After this, you need to write ipconfig /flushdns and tap on Enter key in your keyboard. At last, you should close the command prompt.

Change your DNS:

You should find a DNS and then launch a CMD. After this, you need to write ncpa.cpl and press Enter key. Now, you should right-tap your active Internet connection and then choose Properties. Here, you should choose TCP/IPv4 and then tap on Properties. At this point, you should tap on the Use the following DNS server addresses radio button. After this, you should write two DNS servers in the fields and press OK button. Lastly, you need to restart your Computer system.

Unblock Websites with Hosts File:

First of all, you need to open File Explorer. After this, you need to visit to the drive where you have installed your Windows. Now, you should access the WindowsSystem32driversetc folder. Here, you should right-tap on the hosts file and then open it with Notepad. At this point, you need to check that there should be are no lines of text just after the comment lines. Next, you should Save the hosts file. Finally, restart the computer.

With this method, you can unblock certain websites on Wi-Fi router. To easily install Webroot antivirus in your device, visit to

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