If File Contains a Virus And Was Deleted! How to Fix it?

Webroot antivirus is the advanced security product which protects your gadget from malware and viruses. It can install via www.webroot.com/safe. In this blog, you will read the method to fix if file contains a virus and was deleted.

Method To Fix if File Contains a Virus and Was Deleted:

1. Install Webroot Antivirus:

Keep in mind that might be firewalls and your antivirus program software stop some functions in your computer and results in this error. In this situation, you should uninstall your antivirus completely and then check the error is fixed or not. If the issue disappeared, then in this case, you should install Webroot antivirus via webroot.com/safe. It gives complete protection from threat and will not interfere with your system or files.

2. Boot in Safe Mode with Networking:

You should restart your computer system. If the sign-in screen appears, you should press Shift key when you select Power and then Restart. If your computer restarts, then you should choose an option screen, then select Troubleshoot. At this point, you need to tap on Advanced options and then hit on Startup Settings. Now, you need to tap on Restart. If it restarts, then you will view a list of options. Here, you should select 5 or F5 for Safe Mode with Networking. For more help, you should go to webroot.com/safe.

3. Perform a Clean Boot and Exit Safe Mode:

Perform a Clean Boot:

You should visit to the search box, and then type msconfig and just select System Configuration. After this, you should find the Services tab. Here, you need to select Hide all Microsoft services box. Now, tap on Disable all and just go to the Startup tab. Then, you need to tap on Open Task Manager and then close Task Manager. At last, you should click on OK button and reboot your computer system.

Exit Safe Mode with Networking:

Right-click the Start button.

Select Run, type msconfig, and press Enter.

Go to the Boot tab.

Deselect or uncheck the Safe Boot option box.

Restart your computer.

4. Create a New Account or Repair Corrupt User Profile:

Create New Account:

First, tap on Start option and then select Settings. After this, you need to select Accounts. Now, you should select Family & other people. At this point, you need to tap on Add someone else to this PC. You need to fill in the form with the user name and password. Here, your new user account will be created and then you should tap on Change account type. Here, you need to tap on the drop-down arrow and then select Administrator in order to set the account to administrator level. At last, you should Restart your computer and then login to the new account which you have created.

 Repair Corrupt User Profile:

First in your new account, you should use it to downgrade your usual account. Now, you should tap on Apply or OK button. Then, you should raise back your old account just to its default admin level. This process will remove the corruption. Lastly, you should leave your account on as Administrator.

For more details about the installation of Webroot, just visit to www.webroot.com/safe.

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