If Start Menu Is Not Working Error! How to Fix it with Webroot?

If the user is facing Start menu error, then it is due to outdated PC. To resolve this problem, you should read the below blog. And for installing Webroot, go to www.webroot.com/secure.

Method to Fix If Start Menu is Not Working Error:

  • Enter Safe Mode:

First of all, you should tap on Win key + I at the same time and then select the option of Update & Security. Now in the left side, you should select the Recovery option. Under the Advanced startup section, you need to tap on Restart now button. If PC restarts, then tap on Troubleshoot option. Here, you should hit on Advanced options. At this point, you need to tap on Startup Settings option. Next, you need to tap on Restart button. When computer restarts again, then tap on F5 key to access Safe Mode with Networking.

  • Uninstall Dropbox:

To uninstall dropbox, first you need to hold Windows key + R together to open the Run prompt. Now, you need to write appwiz.cpl in the run box and hit on OK button. At this point, you need to find Dropbox on the list and then select Uninstall option. When uninstall Dropbox, then restart your computer system and check the issue is solved or not.

You should install effective antivirus in your device i.e. Webroot through www.webroot.com/safe which will scan your device and remove viruses.

  • Temporary Hide Cortana from Taskbar:

The user should right-tap on the Taskbar and then select Cortana> Hidden. After this, you need to right-tap on Taskbar and then select Cortana > Show search icon. At last, you need to Restart the computer system and then verify the issue is fixed or not.

  • Switch to Admin Account and Remove TileDataLayer directory:

For this, you need to press Ctrl + Shift + Esc key altogether to open Task Manager. If Task Manager opens, then you need to tap on File and then hit on Run new task. After this, you should write cmd and then check the box of Create this task with administrative privileges & tap on OK button. Next, write the command and tap on Enter key:

net user /add admin1 password1

This process will create a new user account with admin1 and password 1. Now, you should write the command and press Enter key to make the new account:

net localgroup administrators admin1 /add

At this point, you should close Command Prompt and then sign out of the current account. The user should visit to the newly created admin1 account and just use the password1. Next, you should hold Win + R key together, input %localappdata%, and then tap on OK button. Then, find the TileDataLayer folder and just right-tap on it. Here, you should choose the Delete option. At last, you should Sign out of the new admin1 account and then switch back to the regular account.

  • End Local Security Authority Procedure:

To end the procedure, you need to open Task Manager just by tapping on Ctrl + Shift + Esc key at the same time. After this, you should scroll down on the Processes tab and then find the Local Security Authority Process. Here, you should right-tap on it and then select End task. Next, you need to close Task Manager and then restart the PC. When PC restarts, check the issue is resolved.

  • Disable Internet Explorer:

To disable Internet Explorer, you should hold Win + R key at the same time and then write appwiz.cpl and then tap on OK button. After this, you should tap on Turn Windows features on or off which is in the left side. Now, you should untick the box of Internet Explorer 11. In case, you receive a warning message, then tap on Yes button. Lastly, Restart the system.

Through this procedure, the user can fix the issue of Start Menu is not working error. To install this antivirus, navigate to www.webroot.com/secure.

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