Steps To Take Precautions Against Misinformation on Social Media Platform:

As you all know, misinformation spreads quickly on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. So, in this blog you will read how you can avoid misinformation on Social Media. And for the protection of your device, the user must install Webroot antivirus software via

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Precaution Against Misinformation on Social Media Platform:

  1. Facebook:

In Facebook platform, you should first choose whom you follow because the news which comes on your Facebook is from the users who you follow. If in case, you follow users who spread misinformation, then the posts in your Facebook will be inaccurate and also misleading. It is recommended that you should follow reputable news sources who give correct information so that your news feed provide you reliable and fact-based sources. There is an option in Facebook, in which you can unfollow or block users if you think they are giving you fake news or disinformation. In fact, you can also hide the posts of people who send bad information. To check the fact on your own, you can check the list of fact-checking organizations. If you want to check, why this option comes on your Facebook then you should click on “Why Am I Seeing This” option then you will get the information that why a specific post has come on your feed.

2. Twitter:

In Twitter, what you see in your Twitter timeline is totally depends on whom you are following. If in case, you follow that sources who post misinformation then your timeline will be filled with incorrect information. So, you should smartly choose whom you should follow on Twitter. You can follow the legitimate news sources with the help of Twitter’s Lists feature. And this list contains only well-known news sites and reliable organizations. If you follow this List then you will not get any misinformation in your Timeline. Here, you can also unfollow those those things which do not want to see in your timeline.

3. YouTube:

Nowadays, people consider YouTube as a news source. That is why, some people spread fake news and conspiracy theories on YouTube. So, YouTube has taken some steps to reduce the spread of misinformation. It has launched some changes in the recommendations of borderline content to reduce misinformation. It only promotes authoritative content in its “Watch Next” panel, if people are watching borderline content. If in case, viewers watching questionable content  then they will click on a recommended video from a legitimate news source then this will reduce the spread of misleading information which these viewers had just watched. It you want to stop the spread of fake news then you can report it to YouTube channel.

4. Instagram:

Today, Instagram also becomes very popular for scammer. So, scammers are spreading fake news on Instagram. As a result, Instagram stops the visibility of this information in Instagram Feed and Stories.

If incase, Instagram tags a post as false then you have two options: click on “See Why” option to check why this post is fake news or click on “See Post” to watch the information. If the user finds the information in a headline is unbelievable, then they can investigate the source of a post. They can also check for misspellings, incorrect grammar, or awkward layouts as these are the signs of false information.

The above information helps you to avoid misinformation on Social Media platform. And to protect your personal information on Social Media, the user must install Webroot antivirus via in their devices.

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