What are the Security Tips For IPhone Users Given By Webroot.com/safe?

Today, people love to buy Apple devices because it provides great level of security to its users. As its iOS system doesn’t allow any unauthorized app to install in the user’s phone. But hackers always find new ways to steal the customer’s data by installing malware into it and also try to gain access over the customer’s iOS system by finding vulnerabilities. If the customer wants complete security of their data which is stored in their IPhone like website logins, email addresses text messages, photos and videos.  For this, Webroot team has given some tips and tricks which help to keep the iOS system secure from hackers. You can install this effective security software in your IPhone through www.webroot.com/safe. It gives updates to fix the bugs and patches in your device and also provide more security features for the protection of your gadget.

Security Tips For IPhone Users:

1. Regularly Update iOS:

You should regularly update your IOS device because lot of people forgets to update it or sometimes ignore it. Users should always remember the fact that hackers can easily gain access over the outdated software.  Most of the people know that iOS software is hard to hack but hackers always try to find the flaws in Apple’s coding. Updating the software fix the patches or security flaws in your device. To update the IPhone, you should open the Settings in the app and then click on General. After this, just click on Software update. If the updates are available, then it will ask you download and install the latest update.

2. Keep ‘Find My iPhone’ Activated:

You should always activate ‘Find my iPhone’ feature. In case, you ever lose your iPhone, then you can log on to ‘Find my iPhone’ from another iOS device and can remotely wipe your device data so that nobody can use it. To Wipe The Phone, you should first log in to the ‘Find my iPhone’ app and then you have to select your iPhone. After this, you should click on ‘Erase iPhone’. At the end, you just have to confirm the action. www.webroot.com/safe

3. Keep Longer Pass code:

It is highly recommended that you should always keep a long passcode, which is longer than six-digit passcode. Because the longer passcode is difficult to be crack. You can also use a passphrase which should be the combination of letters, numbers and symbols. You should use random words which is easy to remember by you and difficult to crack by hackers. To set up New Pass Code For iOS, you should open Settings. And then click on Touch ID & Pass code. After this, just enter your Pass code. Then, click on Change Pass code. Here, you have to enter your Pass code. Now, you have to click on Pass code Options. Here, you have to choose either Custom Numeric Code or Custom Alphanumeric Code. At the end, enter your new code and then check it.

The above are few tips which help to keep your IPhone secure. If you need to know more, then you can contact to the expert of Webroot support team via webroot.com/safe.

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