What is the Method To Secure Your Website Data with Webroot?

Today, everyone uses the Internet and the smart devices which are connected to the internet have made it easier for the people to find information on web. Websites provides all kind of information to the user but if you are the website owner, then you must secure your website from hackers. If in case, hackers hack your website then they can steal your entire valuable data, take control over your website and can even put your reputation in dark. So, before hackers run your website, it will be better if you secure your website data. Webroot team just wants its user to secure their website data. And this security software can be downloaded in your gadget through www.webroot.com/safe. In this blog you will read the method to secure your Website data with Webroot.

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Method To Secure Your Website Data With Webroot:

  • Lock up your Admin Console:

As you all know that your admin console is your control room. And through this you can control your website. So, it is very necessary that you protect your Admin Console. For this, if you are using the default ‘admin’ username and password, then you should change it immediately. Because if you use a weak username and password then this will open the doors for hackers. It is advised that you should restrict the number of failed login attempts and password reset request.

  • Keep your CMS Updated:

Always keep in mind that the content management systems such as WordPress, Blogger, Wix etc. timely release CMS updates. And these updates provide the security fixes which will protect the Website from threat. It is advised you should not ignore these updates as this will put your website at risk. Because hackers can scan thousands of websites in short time to spot the websites security vulnerabilities. So, you should make sure to turn on automatic updates or scan for updates when the updates are available.

  • Install a Web Application Firewall:

It is suggested that you should install a Web Application Firewall which will controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic of your website. It also helps to stop the malicious requests in their tracks and only allow relevant requests to enter into the website. Nowadays, firewall comes in the form of cloud-based software which runs directly from the Internet so it gives security all the times. www.webroot.com/safe

  • Use Security Plugins:

If you are running a website itself then it is a great task. So, sometimes it becomes impossible to write the security programs themselves. It is advised you should use a third-party security plugins and extensions which will secure your website from threat. These plugins run the regular malware assessments, blocking malicious links, and also perform the vulnerability assessment. It alerts you when things it finds something risky on your website.

The above method will help you to secure your Website data with Webroot. If the user requires more information then, they can visit to this Webroot link through webroot.com/safe.

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