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Nowadays, the entire world is connected with each other through the medium of internet connected devices. So, with the increased use of internet connected devices, cyber attacks are also increasing. As people store all their valuable data like credit card details, bank details etc. in their smart phones and computers etc. Hackers attack your device with the motive of stealing your valuable data and use your data for their own benefits. So, now it’s become your duty that you should install antivirus software in your device to protect your device from hackers.

One of the effective antiviruses is Webroot which you can install through www.webroot.com/safe. This antivirus provides its customer full protection from cyber attacks and completely secure it. As it scans the entire data stored in your device timely and control and manages the incoming and outgoing network traffic. So before choosing and installing any antivirus in your device you must check the following things.

What you should check before installing Antivirus Software?

  • Detection Rates:

Before you install any antivirus software in your device, you must check that how much this antivirus protect your device from known and unknown threats. It is safe to choose that antivirus which detection rate is about 99.95 percent in AV Comparatives analysis. It is recommended that you should not compromise on any sub standard antivirus because that will not protect your device completely. this blog

  • Multi-Layer Protection:

As you know that hackers are continuously using new techniques of attacks. So, you cannot depend on the antivirus which gives protection to your device from known threats. You should choose that antivirus which gives your device multi-layer protection. Webroot is the antivirus which gives multi-layer protection i.e. Real Time Scanner, On-Access Scanner, On-Demand Scanner, Compressed File Scanner, and Scheduled Scans which quickly detect the malware and blocks it. You can install through www.webroot.com/safe.

  • SSL Inspection:

Most of the websites on internet has SSL which means the data which you sends and receives has end to end encryption. So scanning the website is not possible because it has end to end encryption, antivirus cannot be able to scan the website content if the antivirus installs a local SSL proxy which gives real security certificate of websites.

  • Behavior Blocker:

Signature-based scanners are perfect for detecting known threats but they cannot detect the zero day attacks i.e. new malware. New malware can infect millions of machines at a time. So, to overcome from this problem some vendor’s uses of behavior blockers which are capable of detecting of malicious behavior before they make any kind of changes in your computer. So, before choosing any antivirus must it has behavior blocker.

  • Features:

Before choosing any antivirus you must check that antivirus software must have these features like firewall, parental control/content blockers, browser plug-in, password managers, cloud-backups and other security tools.

  • Technical Assistance:

When choosing any antivirus for your device you must check that the antivirus company must provides its user round the clock technical assistance i.e. 24/7. Webroot antivirus provides its customer the technical assistance of 24/7.

For more details, you can visit to the official website of Webroot via webroot.com/safe.

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