What Techniques are Used By Hackers To Crack Your Passwords?

The user should protect their valuable information which is stored in their online accounts by creating a secure password. In this blog, you will read the techniques which are used by hackers to crack your password and some security tips. For creating a strong password, you should use a password manager of Webroot antivirus which can install through www.webroot.com/safe.

Techniques Used By Hackers To Crack Your Passwords:

  • Dictionary Attacks:

It is highly recommended the user should avoid using the keyboard combination like qwerty or asdfg etc. The user should not use dictionary words or common misspellings because these words can be easily cracked by the software which automatically fills the common words in the password fields. Hackers use different software to crack your password.

  • Crack Security Questions:

Normally, people used to keep their first names as passwords, like the names of kids, pets, spouse or relatives names etc. but these all passwords can be guessed by a little research. If the hackers try to crack your password and clicks on the “forgot password” link in a mail service, then they have to answer a security questions. But keep in mind these answers be easily found on your social media profile and they can hack your account.

  • Simple Passwords:

It is highly recommended that you should not use personal information in your passwords like your name, age, birth date, pet name, favorite color/song, child name etc. It was seen in many researches that people generally use common passwords like “12345”, “111111”, “princess”, “qwerty” and “abc123” that is why there accounts gets hacked.

  • Reuse Passwords In Multiple Sites:

If the user reuses their passwords for email, banking and for their other social media accounts then this will results in identity theft. According to the research, users reuse their password for their multiple online accounts that is why there accounts get hacked.

  • Social Engineering:

In Social engineering Attacks, hackers insist the users to perform certain actions and give their confidential information. And with this information, they hack the online account of the users.

Method To Create A Secure Password:

  1. You should use different passwords for your online accounts.
  2. Always check that no one is watching when you entering your account password.
  3. When you leave your device, always log off because if someone is near to you then they can steal or change the password.
  4. You should use Webroot security software through www.webroot.com/safe in your device and just keep it up to date in order to avoid keyloggers.
  5. If the computer is not yours, then you should avoid entering your password as other computers might have malware in it which can steal your passwords.
  6. If you are using unsecured Wi-Fi connections like in public place such as airport or coffee shop, then you should avoid using password as hackers can steal your passwords.
  7. It is highly recommended you should not tell anyone your password, if may be she is your trusted friend. You should keep your passwords safe just by keeping it to yourself.
  8. The password should be of at least eight characters consist of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols etc. If you find problem in creating a password, then you can use Password Manager for creating a password and just store in it.

For more details about Webroot antivirus, visit to the official site of Webroot via www.webroot.com/safe.