What You Should Do If Your Computer Has Been Compromised?

In case, you find your computer is compromised then you should first look for the suspicious activity. After this, scan your device with Webroot antivirus via www.webroot.com/secure. In this blog, you will read the solution to fix if your computer has been compromised.

Method To Fix If Your Computer Has Been Compromised:

  • Scan your Computer for Malware:

For this, first you need to tap on Windows key + S key altogether and then write Webroot antivirus. This software can be installed through www.webroot.com/safe.  Now from the list, you need to choose Security option from the list. At this point, you should go to Virus & Threat protection and then choose Quick scan. In case, the scan doesn’t find anything then you should tap on the Scan options. Here, you should choose Full scan and then hit on the Scan button. At last, just wait for the procedure to end.

  • Change Account Passwords:

The user should log in to the desired service. In case, you cannot be able to login then you should use the Forgot Password option in order to reset the password. When you log in, then visit to the settings and then search for the option just to change the password. At this point, you need to enter the new password and just save it.

  • Disable Unknown Startup Applications:

First of all, you should hit on Ctrl + Shift + Esc key at the same time in order to open Task Manager. After this, you should visit to the Startup tab. Here, you should find the unknown items on the list, and then right-tap on it and then select Disable option. The user should do this process for all unknown startup items.

After this, you should disable startup services also. For that, press Win key + R at the same time and just enter msconfig and tap Enter button. Now, you should go to the Services tab. Here, you should check the box of Hide all Microsoft services and then hit on Disable all option. At last, hit on Apply and OK button and then restart the PC.

  • Remove Unknown Applications:

The user should tap on Windows key + X altogether and then choose Apps and Features. Now, you should set Sort by to Install date. At this point, you should search for unknown applications. Here, you should choose the desired one and then tap on Uninstall button. Next, you need to follow the steps on the screen in order to remove them. Lastly, you should do this process for all unknown software.

  • Block Unknown Applications from going To your Firewall:

To block unknown applications, you need to hit on Windows key + S and then write firewall. Now, you should choose Allow an app through Windows Firewall. At this point, you will view list of applications which are interacting with your firewall. Here, you should search for suspicious applications. Then, you should double-tap on the application just to view its location and other information. After this, you should search online and then confirm the application which you wish to disable is malicious. Next, you should tap on Change settings. The user should uncheck the application which you want to block and tap on OK button to save changes.

  • Reset your Browser to Default:

In your browser, you should tap on the More button and then choose Settings option. After this, you should hit on Advanced button and then hit on Reset and clean up. Now, you should go to Restore settings to their original defaults. At last, you need to tap on Reset settings to confirm.

Through this way, the user can resolve if there computer has been compromised. To know more about Webroot installation, then go to www.webroot.com/secure.

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