How Webroot DNS Protection Useful for SMB’s?

Webroot antivirus is the smarter security solutions which provide great DNS Protection for the security of the businesses. This DNS protection gives secured network and control the internet usage without using additional hardware and software so that you can browse on the internet without any threat. You can activate this functionality of Webroot through the Webroot Global Site Management support. Basically, this product is made for the managed service provider who works with the small scale and medium scale businesses. This product gives extra layer of security to all the businesses. You can install this amazing Webroot product in your device through This antivirus also gives useful features like fast scanning, web shield protection, web cam protection, identity theft protection, email filtering etc. It also provides protection to your business valuable data from malware, viruses, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware, and phishing attacks etc.

DNS Protection secures users on corporate and guest network by blocking the threat at the domain level. It automatically blocks dangerous and questionable sites. This security solution saves time and money and also reduces the unproductive web usage. Hence in this blog, you will read how Webroot DNS Protection useful for SMB’s.

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What are the Key Features of Webroot DNS Protection?

  1. Webroot DNS Protection is basically a domain-level filtering service which is designed to give its user granular control over internet access. It increases Webroot security into the network to secure the end users from malicious websites, attachments, or communications. You can use this functionality on all the devices like Window OS, Mac, Computer, Laptop and Android phones.
  2. DNS Protection reduces the threat by blocking 88 percent of web-borne malware before it reaches to your organization’s network. It automatically applies the defenses at the network perimeter. It creates a wall of defense between the hackers and the devices network.
  3. It upgrades the security solution by allowing the customizable, granular policy control over internet usage and it does not use any additional hardware or software. It is very easy for the user to activate this functionality in the Global Site Manager console.
  4. This security solution is powered by Webroot BrightCloud Threat Intelligence. It also enables the category-based internet usage restrictions with the flexible policy management which can be setup for the corporate network, guest Wi-Fi, and for roaming users. It can be used in groups or individuals in an organization.
  5. Webroot has built DNS Protection by keeping MSPs (Managed Service Provider) in mind. It is very simple to use, it improves compliance, and also reduces management costs. And this functionality can be easily managed through the Global Site Manager.

Hence, Webroot DNS protection is very useful for the managed service provider who basically works for the small and mid size businesses. It simply reduces the costs of the organization and protects it from major cyber threat. If you need more information about Webroot DNS protection, then just visit to the site of Webroot through

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