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Webroot Antivirus protects your personal further as professional data or devices from the malware, viruses, and others. It is very simple to use and install the Webroot Antivirus on your system because it has the easy interface. Sometimes you will find it difficult to download, install as well as register the product on-line. If you face the problems while registering the product then you will get the Webroot Error Code 102 message on your system.

Webroot Error Code 102 Fix Step By Step Guides –Www. Webroot.Com/Safe:


  • First of all, visit the link www.webroot.com/secure using your web browser.
  • You may also visit the link www.webroot.com/safe if the other link doesn’t work.
  • Furthermore, you need to click on the Create Account button.
  • Enter the 20 digits product key in the required field.
  • The product can be found in the mailbox of your registered email id or on/inside the cover of the product.
  • After typing the Webroot product key and then fill other required details like name, email id, and password etc.
  • You also need to set the security questions for the security of your account.
  • After typing all the required details, you need to click on the Register Now button.
  • If you are getting the same error then,
  • You may need to check the Webroot product key whether it is correct or not.
  • If the product key is not correct then type the correct product key and then follow the process.
  • In case you are facing the issues then you may contact Webroot Support or visit us at webroot.com/safe for the further help.

Reset The Password Of Your Webroot Account:

  • You can try resetting your account password to finish the registration process.
  • First of all, open your Webroot account application and then try to login to your account.
  • Now, click on the Forgot password option from the pop-up window.
  • After that, click on the password to reset the password.
  • Now, you will be asked to enter the email address in the required field.
  • Furthermore, type your email id and then click Submit to receive the link.
  • You need to answer the security question which you have set at the time of registration.
  • After answering the security question, you need to click on the Send button.
  • Now, open your email and click on the Password Reset link.
  • You will now need to enter the new password in the required field to reset the password.
  • After reset the password and try to login to your Webroot Account.
  • If you are getting the same error then connect with the Webroot support team using the toll-free number.

You can follow either of the ways to fix Webroot Error Code 102. If you find it difficult to troubleshoot the error code then contact Webroot Support team for advanced help. Also, connect with the support team using the link www.webroot.com/safeinstallation for the advanced troubleshooting steps.


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In order to fix these issues, you may contact Webroot Support for the better assistance. Also, you may connect with the support team using the link webroot.com/geeksquad online. You will get 24/7 secured support with the resolution rate.

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