How You Can Change the Webroot Policy Setting?

Webroot antivirus is the wonderful security product which scans the data of your device to secure it from malware and viruses. This security software can be easily installed through It also secures the identity of the user from all internet scams. It control and manages the network traffic and silently runs in the background to protect the user from external and internal threat. It regularly gives its user updates so that user’s device can fight with the latest threat. When you create a policy, you can change its settings according to your business purposes. In this, you can also make temporary changes which are known as creating drafts, and you can implement it later. But remember you cannot change Webroot default policy setting.  In this blog, you will read how to change the policy setting in Webroot.

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Change Webroot Policy Setting:

To change policy settings, first you have to log in to your Endpoint Protection console. Here, the Endpoint Protection console appears, with the Status tab active. Now, you have to click on the Policies tab. Then the Policies tab appears on your screen. At this point, in the Policy Name column, you have to find the policy which you want to change and then just double-click on it. You will view the settings window for that policy appears with the Basic Configuration setting which is selected in the Section column.

Now, the Setting column shows the name of the policy, and also in addition to which: Settings is apply to PC only which is indicated by the Windows icon. And the Settings which apply to PC and Mac which are indicated by both the Windows icon and the Mac icon. Here, the Live column shows how the setting is presently implemented on the endpoints. You can make changes in the Draft column. Then in the Section column, you can select the category in which you want to edit. For each setting, in the Draft column, you have to double-click in the cell to see the options, and from the drop-down menu, you have to select the appropriate setting.

When you make the changes for a selection, then just click on the Save Changes button. Here, you can keep editing each section of that policy, and just ensure to click on Save Changes before you go to another section. Remember, if any of the policy with changes not yet implemented will appear in the Draft Changes column. You should also keep in mind that the green color shows that the setting is On and the Orange color shows that the setting is Off. With this colors, you can easily scan the list. After this, if you are not ready for making the changes, then just click on the Save Changes button and then return to the Policy tab. But if you are ready to make the changes, then you should click on the Save Changes button, and then just click on the Promote Draft Changes to Live button.

The above method helps to change the Webroot Policy Setting. If you need help or support, then you can contact o the Webroot support team via

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