How Hackers Monetize your Stolen Data?

Hackers continuously make new techniques to steal your valuable data. They adopt various methods to steal your data like sending malicious software in your device through fake apps, phishing emails, if you have the weak password then they crack the password of your account to steal your personal information, and also through unsecured Wi-Fi connections. They basically steal data to make money or for their benefits. Webroot teams want to aware their customer that what hackers do with their data and how they make money. You can install this antivirus through This stops the unauthorized access to their device by hackers and timely scans the data to protect your device from malware and viruses. It control and manages the network traffic and create a wall between the hackers and cyber threat.

Hackers Monetize the Stolen Data:

  • Use Themselves:

Hackers make money through your stolen data by using it themselves. By making purchases online or committing fraud. Attackers use your stolen data to extract money from your bank account, Apply for bank loans, Apply for credit cards, Make fraudulent health insurance claims, Pay off debt and also they can ask your friends and relatives for money by using the contact from your email and social media account. this blog

  • Sell Your Login Credentials:

Hackers basically use your usernames and passwords to sell in the dark web. With your login credentials they can easily transfer money from your bank account, make online purchases and can do various frauds.

  • Sell your Credit Card Information:

Attackers can easily sell your credit card information and this data is purchased by “carders”, who avoid fraud detection. They purchase gift cards and other physical items, and then sold on the dark through legitimate channels such as eBay. this link

  • Sell Valuable Property:

Hackers attacks on large corporations and sell their stolen data to the companies in developing nations. These attacks are highly sophisticated, nation-sponsored attacks. This type of attacks is beneficial for both the hackers and the country funding the attack.

But Webroot antivirus can protect your data from hackers because it has a unique feature of fast scanning, web cam protection, reliability, compatibility, camera trap and anti-theft feature etc. It also secure your device from malware, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, phishing and ransomware attacks. It quickly detects the threat and blocks it. It also protects your device and data from emerging threats. It also provide its customer great technical assistance and for more information you can visit to the official website of Webroot through You can call for assistance on their toll free number.

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