How to Make All Account Secure with Webroot?

Webroot antivirus helps in securing all your social media account like twitter, instagram, facebook, whatsapp etc.  This antivirus is the famous brand among the entire antivirus which gives total protection to your device, and data. You can install this antivirus through This antivirus scans the data of your device on a regular basis. As hackers are making latest techniques just to damage your device and steal your valuable data but Webroot antivirus detects these cyber threats immediately and blocks them. And whenever this antivirus finds dangerous threat, it gives the alert notification. It safeguards your device from all kind of online threat like malware, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, virus and ransomware etc.

Make Account Secure With Webroot: helps in securing account from all kind of threat. You can secure your account by following these steps:

  • Do a Security Check up:

To secure your account first you have to do a security check up. You can do this by adding or updating account recovery options, secondly you should turn on the two factor authentication, if someone is accessing your account without your permission you can block them, and you can turn on the security locks.

  • Update your Software:

Software are not safe from attackers so for this you should update your browser, update your apps and most importantly update your operating system. If you have installed Webroot antivirus in your device you can easily update it through

  • Use strong password:

It is advised that you should use different password for different accounts. As this is risky to use one password for multiple sites. You should generate long, strong, and unique password for your account. This you should do protect your account from hackers.

  • Protect Your Account From suspicious Messages:

It is recommended that you should protect your account from unknown persons. If you get any kind of messages from unknown person which contains link or attachment, never click on that. Because if you click on these links malware or virus will enter into your device and steal valuable data from your device. So protect your device from suspicious messages.

For more details, about securing your account from attackers you should visit to the official website of Webroot through For help, you can call on toll free number of Webroot. The customer care executives are available for the user all the time. You can call them for minor problems also.

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