How to Secure your Smart Cars from Cyber Attacks with Webroot?

The increased use of Internet also increases the cyber attacks. Wherever you are using this Smart Technology, you also have to make arrangements for securing that device. As the experts wants to make people to get advancer with time but the hackers took advantage of this situation, they also introduce new ways to attack on your data and device. To secure your device and data, Webroot team introduces antivirus which fought against this cyber attacks and give total protection against emerging threat. You can install this antivirus through

One of the new technologies are made to make your life easier on road. Newly introduced features in cars which informed the driver if something goes wrong with the car or when they should go for repair. New models of cars have built-in WiFi which enables you to easy connection between the vehicle and the driver’s own devices communicate with the internet, and you can also get traffic information. But these cars are also vulnerable to security breaches. Attackers can take complete control over a car’s brakes, and your steering wheel.

How you can Secure your Smart Cars? wants their user to use smart technology with protection. This blog helps you to secure your Smart Cars with ease.

  1. If your smart car has a built in Wi-Fi connectivity, then you should ask the manufacturer that how you can use this internet connection with safety. You should also search on web for more protection advices.
  2. You should timely updating your car’s software which is very necessary. Most of the updates are done online, but for some of the updates you have to visit to the dealer. Call the dealer after every few months to check that if update is available.
  3. When you connect your phones, laptops, or tablets to your car WiFi network, there is a possibility of malware enter into your car Wi-Fi. Before you connect your device to the car, Webroot anti-virus software should be installing in your device through www webroot com safe for protection.
  4. You should use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when you are communicating with your devices by using the car’s WiFi. You should shut down the risk of malware and viruses when you are performing online activity on your device. VPN encrypts your connections; protect your device from hackers.
  5. You should be careful on using Bluetooth. Disable the Bluetooth when you are not in using it.

For more information about your Smart car security, you should visit to the official website of Webroot antivirus via  in your device. For installation help, you can call the customer care executive on their toll free number.

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