How Webroot protect your device from Web Cam Hacking?

In today’s world, hackers use advanced techniques to your sensitive information. One of the ways are anybody can seize your Web Cam of your device. So, Webroot gives tips how you can protect the Web Cam of your device. You can install Webroot via By hacking the Web Cam of your device they introduce the Trojan malware in your device. Through this way hackers can use your device including the Web Camera. Your security will be at great risk if your Web Cam is hacked. Hackers can keep an eye on you as well as on your home also.

How you can protect your Web Cam from getting hacked?

  • Always Cover your Computer’s Camera:

This will be a safety measure if you cover or unplug the camera of your internet connected device like PC. When you want to do video call you can connect it or you can remove the cover. This will protect your device and keep you secure from hacker. He cant keeps the eye on you.

  • Install Webroot Antivirus on your Device:

If you install Webroot Antivirus via in your device. This can protect your device from Web Cam hacking. Because this antivirus has a unique feature of Web Cam Protection which will protect your device from hackers. And it also introduces updates time to time which will improve your security features.

  • Enabled Firewall setting feature:

This is a system security framework and checks your network traffic. It should be always turned on. It creates a wall between the hackers and the cyber threat. This setting will keep the hackers away from your device and hence your device will be protected.

  • Don’t clicks on fake links:

It is an advice does not click on suspicious links in emails like Trojans because hackers hack your Web Cam through remote access Trojan which is known as RAT. Through this hacker can read your messages, what activity you are performing on Web, and catch your screen etc.

  • Regularly watch your Web Cam Indicator Light:

Generally the PC has the light at the back side of the camera. But if you see that the light is on when you are not using the computer. This means that there is something wrong in it. This indicates that your PC has infection and you should find the way to remove it.

These tips will protect your device from getting hacked. Installing Webroot Antivirus via will make your virus and malware free. If you have any problem in installing Webroot antivirus then you can contact to the customer care team for help and assistance.

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