How you can Make Hard For Strangers to Steal Your Data?

Internet is the basic requirement of today’s life. From kid to an older person, now everybody is using Internet. Securing your data, should be your first priority. And you should take some protective measures to protect your data from hackers. As hackers always keep an eye on your activity, so that they can steal your data from your device just to make money. One of the protective measures which you can take is installing Webroot antivirus in your device through As Webroot antivirus scans your device on a regular basis in order to protect your data from malware and viruses. This antivirus also has an advanced feature of firewall setting, web cam protection and parental control feature.

Strengthen Your Privacy Walls: gives some tips by which you can strengthen your privacy walls.

  • Secure Your Social Media Account:

First just make a list of your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. and then change the passwords for each account. You can also use a password manager to create secure and a hard password. Also use a two-factor authentication for your accounts to provide the extra layer of security.

  • Change the Passwords of all Accounts:

You should create a different password for different accounts and you can store these passwords in Password Manager. In that case, you just have to remember only one password.

  • Use an Encrypted Operating System:

It is recommended that you should encrypt your operating system. Because if you encrypt your system, then your data which is stored on your computer becomes unreadable to anyone. Only if anyone has the encryption key can read your data.

  • Don’t Share Your Data:

It is advised do not fill any forms online because there are many companies who want your personal information, they collect your information in order to steal it or sell it on the dark web.

  • Don’t Use Free Wi-Fi:

First, do not use free Wi-Fi which is available on Public places like hotels, restaurants, hospitals etc. If it becomes necessary then it’s better to open your device in VPN network, as it encrypts your sending and receiving messages.

  • Don’t get Scammed:

Do not get trapped, into the schemes used by cyber criminals like phishing emails, etc. which infect your computer and also the other tricks which steal your money and your identity.

  • Keep Operating System and Security Software up to date:

Always keep your operating System up to date and the software like Webroot antivirus which is installed in your device through also keep it up to date. As updates repair security holes and fix the issues in your device.

For more information about privacy, you should visit to the official website of Webroot through

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