Reasons to Set Parental Control In Children’s

Webroot is the antivirus which gives great protection to your device against all kind of online threat like malware, spyware, Trojans, rootkits and ransomware etc. You can install this antivirus through This antivirus has introduced the advanced feature for their user like firewall setting, web cam protection, parental control feature, reliability and compatibility etc. Every feature helps to protect your device from Internet threat.

As in this digital era, children’s are also using laptops, computers, and Android Phones. So, Webroot antivirus has introduced Parental Control Feature especially for the children. So that the parents stay touch with their children like where they are and where they could be? Through this parents can put the limit on the child’s activity. In this cyber criminal world, it is very necessary to install the Webroot antivirus in their devices with the parental control feature.

What are the Reasons to use Parental Control?

  • Monitor Your Kids Device:

Your kids are very good in making friends online, so this Parental controls feature help in monitoring emails, social media profiles, and texts of your kids. This helps to manage your kids account, passwords and their activities. this blog

  • What your Kids Finds on Search Engines:

Search Engine on Internet helps you to find anything. Parental Control feature help to block adult content, explicit images, video, and adult websites from search results.

  • Block Features of Games:

Some games allow your kids surf the web, make in app purchases, and talk with other player. Parental Control setup user’s profile in which your kids can access only certain features while playing the game.

  • Track Your Kids Locations:

Parental Control feature helps to track the location of your kids, where your kids are? Tell your kids not to share your location on social media.

  • Establish Good Cyber Safety Habits:

This feature helps to establish good cyber safety habits- don’t disclose too much information on social media, like their school name, and date of birth etc. This will not compromise their safety and the safety of others.

If you still want to know more about the benefits of Parental Control, then you can visit to the official website of Webroot antivirus through For technical assistance, you can call the customer care executive anytime from anywhere. If you are facing problems, then you can immediately contact to the customer care executive.

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