Some Common Webroot Antivirus Problems: is the antivirus which gives the world class security to your devices. It has the advanced feature of fast scanning, web cam protection, firewall, camera trap and anti theft feature. It reliable and compatible to all the internet connected devices. It is used for home as well as for business purpose. It gives protection when you are away from your computer system. It is very easy to install but sometimes the user face common problems.

Common Webroot Antivirus Problems:

  1. Webroot affects the speed of the system:


Webroot antivirus problem increases when it is destroyed by many Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Pc System Files. This affects the downloading speed and makes it slow. Not only had this it affects the downloading speed of every internet connected software.  Because of this result in a buggy internet Download Manager as Webroot Quarantined the specific files.

  1. Webroot v/s SearchIndexer.exe Scenario:

First of all, navigate to the C drive, then go to programs or you can go to system 32 folder. Now you will get the Search Indexer.exe. Do not consider this as a legit system file. But when your computer system is running slow, then go to Window Task Manager. Here you will see the multiple task were performing to SearchIndexer.exe or there is an unusual high CPU consumption is there. This means, virus comes in your system and Webroot fails to recognize the malware even after the updates. It can be detected only when the user did the manual system scan or do folder specific operations.

  1. Sometimes Webroot Login create Problems:

Sometimes Webroot antivirus creates a problem without asking the administrator. Usually Webroot login unlocks the function of Webroot like identity shield, web threat wall, outbound firewall etc. These features protect you from online browsing. But the problem arise when it deletes the files without your permissions like Web Threat Wall blocks the websites without informing you, The outbound firewall only gives notification when the files are being deleted and moreover it does not have any configuration option. The identity shield bocks the file which is necessary.

Solutions of Webroot Antivirus:

If you find your PC is running slow or buggy internet then turn off the Outbound Firewall feature and also re-launch your browser. If any of the software is being deleted then scan the history of webroot secure anywhere database. If you see that the certain websites are blocked then you can turn off the Web threat Wall feature. You can easily delete the search indexer.exe, for this you can go to c: //system 32 and search it. If you do not find the malware path then you can do the full PC scan with Webroot and quarantine it. Turn off your Web threat wall.

But if you still have problem then you can contact to the customer care for more information via

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