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Today, with the advancement of digital technology, hackers are using new techniques to trap the victims’ valuable information in order to make money. They trap the victim through fake telephone calls, snail mail, email, and also through ransomware. Through phishing email they gain your trust and they ask you for money; and after that they will take it and run. Webroot team just wants you to be aware all the time from the hacker’s schemes and you can install this antivirus through www.webroot.com/safe. This antivirus quickly detects the threat and blocks it immediately before they harm your device and valuable information. In this blog, you will learn which common types of scams the hackers use to harm your device and data.

Common Types Of Scams Which Hackers Use:

  • Pre-Payment Scams:

In this the victim is asked to pay the advanced fees for financial services like taxes, charity, social networking, emergency etc. And the victim send the payment through their credit card etc. They did not give you the chance to think. this blog

  • Antivirus Scam:

In this the victim receive the ads or emails from the fake company that there computer is highly infected and this virus can be removed from your computer with the small fee. They will ask you to do payment through credit card or through money transfer. But in reality there is no virus in your system and money is stolen by the hackers.

  • Emergency Scam:

In this hackers use the identity of your loved one and ask you to send the funds, as the loved one is in urgent need. In this hackers use the victim’s emotion and concern for the loved one and trap the money from the victim’s account.

  • Employment Scam:

As you that everybody is in search for the good jobs. If in that case they receive the email that there job is fixed at a good place but in return they have to deposit a small amount of money if they are interested to do that job, they have to transfer the money. But if you transfer the money then you get trapped. click here

  • Phishing Scam:

In the Phishing Scam, hackers send the phishing email to the victim and when the victim open this email and click on the link or attachment which is given in the email, they are forced to give their personal information. Hackers steal your personal information in order to make money and install malicious code or software into your computer.

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