What are the Risk of BYOD and how Webroot protect it?

In this mobile world, many companies focus on the network security for their PC’s but they have not taken any protective measures for Smartphone’s etc. The companies are not aware of mobile security threat. As mobile phones have smart features like cameras, GPS, and Bluetooth etc which hackers can use these features to gain access over your devices and data? In many companies, employees bring their own device to perform work but in this cyber world this BYOD brings security threat. As these devices when goes outside connect too many other network which results in business data to compromise. So, in this blog Webroot team explains that how they can create a secure mobile network. You can install this antivirus through www.webroot.com/safe. This antivirus creates a wall between the hackers and your device.

Risk of BYOD:

Webroot.com/safe wants their users to know about the risk of BYOD:

  • Lost or stolen device.

As the devices like Phones, tablets and laptops etc are portable and it can be carried everywhere. Sometimes, employees by mistake leave their device and forgot it. This becomes the easy target for the hackers to steal your data from your device.

  • Employees leaving the company.

If the employee resigns from the company immediately and not accessing their device then in this situation you cannot wipe the company information from their device. This opens the door for the hacker.

  • Lack of security updates.

As everyone is not an expert, and sometimes they avoid updating their device as they were not aware of the benefits of updates. And outdated device with outdated features makes hacking easier and also create a threat to company’s data.

  • Unsecured wi-fi.

As employees work with their device for company sometimes create a security threat. Because they use their device anywhere to do the work like Coffee shops, airports, or even in their own homes. And if they are working in unsecured Wi-Fi, hackers can easily access their company’s information through this unsecured wi-fi networks.

How you can prevent BYOD threat?

  • Use a Virtual Private Network.

When you are accessing your device for company’s work then you should always access the company data through VPN network. As VPN encrypt your sending and receiving messages.

  • Put a pin or password on it.

Those employees who carry business sensitive information in their phones. But if the phone reaches into the wrong hands, then it creates a problem for the company so always create a strong pin or passcode for your device.

  • Lose it, lock it, wipe it.

You should download an app in your mobile devices because in case of loss, you should lock and wipe your phone’s data. To protect it from hackers you should wipe your data including contacts, documents, text messages, photos, email, browser history and user accounts etc.

  • Update your Software:

You should train the employees to get in the habit of updating apps as they get the notification. When you are installing Webroot antivirus in your device through www.webroot.com/secure always update it to fix the vulnerabilities and also exploited security gaps.

  • Encrypt It.

Employees should encrypt their mobile phone, when they are sending and receiving encrypted data.

If you want more information then you can contact to the customer care of Webroot via www.webroot.com/safeinstallation.

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